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02 August 2008

Talk About Craziness

I absolutely can't wait for the day when I can bust loose with all the things I've been holding back. Self-censorship is a real bitch. One of the things I miss about the Navy is being able to cuss out stupid fuckers. I risked demotion, EMI, Captain's Mast and the Old Man's punishments, but at least I still had my job after telling off someone when they needed it. This private sector puritanical language can be considered nothing less than an affront to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Politically Correct language requirements are ILLEGAL: as in assualting an American citizens Constitutional Rights. Saying FUCK is not a crime. I might not want to hear foul language, I might not appreciate being cussed out, but I recognize my fellow citizens rights to speech. I'm warning the entire planet...watch the fuck out, there's going to be a day when some stupid fuck is an asshole at just the wrong moment and I'm going to say the hell with this private-sector-politically-correct-self-censorship-whimpy-ass-bullshit-fascist-regime-corporate-sponsered-stupidity. And I'm going to cuss like the sailor I used to be at the fool who crossed me at just the wrong time. I wont get violent, no, I'll carry my suddenly burdenless bucket of cuss words out the front door, leaving a trail of spectators murmuring in my pissed off dust.

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