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Attempting to control the hearts and souls of the masses through force and injustice only forces the seeds of dissension to grow. History has taught this lesson repeatedly. Perhaps, we'll learn the lesson this time.

20 December 2010

Yep, Latin Lives in the Heart and Mind of the Next Generation


Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute

Now, this is a groovy concept. I wish them luck in their mission goals. We would benefit greatly from a world where more children were subject to the discipline of Latin.

They are taking applications for Latin summer camp and they have a Latin composition contest. That just rocks!

Vale, amicite! 

12 December 2010

And Now, Jack Black: What is the MySpace Craziness that has Celebrities Seeking Friend Requests?

Hello my dears! Just so you know, delirium set in some few hours ago, regardless, I'm up early, still kicking. I have a stack of things to do today and by the grace of things holier than I, well, perhaps I'll be able to stricken much from the ever increasing pile.

If you've been keeping up with the last few posts, then you know I have recently been amused by some of the names requesting myspace friendships with yours truly. It's a trip. I think the reality is, the internet is a great way to disseminate current information, and celebrities not willing to send out friend requests act arrogantly reliant on the audience. Whereas those willing to embrace the many uses of the internet, find themselves in the unique position of utilizing "underground" resources, take Denis Leary and his friend request/book promo.

The reason we're still talking about this is simply because Jack Black has now sent a friend request. See you all think I'm growing in popularity, but really, I am one more cog in the advertising machine. Check out the article: Celebrities "Hijack" Myspace. So, there you have it, myspace is using celebrities and celebrities are using myspace. I'm not posting the myspace friend request email from Jack Black, because frankly, "if you don't [believe] me by now, you will never, never, [believe] me." Regardless, I'm also accepting Jack Black.

I had a couple of friends work as extras in Year One. My friends and Jack, forgive me, I still haven't seen it. I'm really happy for Louisiana that the film industry has increased filming, especially in light of the hardships this state has endured in the last ten years. Who Dat? That's right, hell must have froze over, after all, the Saints won the Superbowl.

10 December 2010

Rock on Google Analytics! How I love Stats! Announcing Stats Poetry Challenge

Okay, so, maybe I'm a little kid in more than just heart. I'd say, I've been lucky to maintain some generous helpings of my little kid style thinking. I'm well into years: I've knocked a dent into adulthood you could say. Of course, I'm not a little kid, but when I tell you that I giggled with childish glee, please know it came from the heart.

To the eight views from Burundi and Slovenia: I don't know if you're one person who came back repeatedly, or if your eight different people who stumbled onto my page. Regardless, do you know how cool it is that you've found my site? Actually, anyone reading this, do you know how cool it is that you are? There are incredible numbers of websites popping up every day. People all around the globe (myself included) are slowly gaining access to the finest communication apparatus the world has yet known, and they're adding their voice to the etherized cacophony. And, somehow in this ginormous electric web, some people in Burundi and Slovenia have landed on my site and looked through it or left quickly (depending on the parameters of their internet mission). But, they were here! As the little kid in The Incredibles says, "That was totally wicked!"

To the thirty-eight views from Russia: I think it important for you to know that in the international analytical stats you are leading. By the way, renroom.ru has been the entrance link most used. Do any of you know and care to share what the renroom site is for? It looks like a finder for apartments or other living arrangements. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to learn Russian and the site is in an alphabet (Cyrillic) to which I know diddly squat. If it is any consolation, Russian is on my linguistic bucket list. (In addition to my native American--English--I'm currently working on Latin, Hebrew, and Haitian Creole).

To everyone whose country was not directly mentioned: You are not being left out! I am incredibly amazed that each and everyone of you have some how found these pages. It's so groovy that this possibility exists.

Google Analytical Stats for finleyexperience.blogspot.com

Russia 38
Canada 20
Germany 14
Denmark 14
China 10
Burundi 8
Slovenia 8
United Kingdom 7
Poland 7

Stats Poetry Challenge
I've been on blogger.com since 2008, the analytics option only became available in May 2010. For the sake of a self poetry challenge, I'm paying close attention to the international viewer stats. When May 31 of 2011 rolls around I will post the year's winner. That country will become the subject of my poetry for the month of June.

What this means:
I will research the winning country, then compose poetry about my findings. Once I've announced the winner, I will welcome insights and suggestions from viewers with knowledge about the winning country. Should this poetry challenge be happily received by viewers and prove as interesting and as fun as I believe, then we'll do it again next year.

Well, that's it for now. I've got three papers, a logo w/standards manual and regular ole studying for finals.


08 December 2010

City of Shreveport Railroad Crossing Closures

Check out this Shreveport Times article about an odd bit of "city maintenance" causing a disturbance in Shreveport.

I have know idea what the back story may be. But, I thought I'd share.

06 December 2010

Centenary "Dead Week" (1 AM, Again, And I'm Still Awake)

According to my fellow students and teachers, we have now reached "Dead Week". That infamous week before Finals when the majority of college-goers walk around like zombies. This semester hasn't been easy. Interestingly, not a single semester has had the honor of ranking in the easy category. It's funny because the majority of the conflicts that have arisen have been outside the realm of college.

Since I began taking classes at Centenary (2008), I've known twenty-one people who have died. None have died from serving on either of the war fronts and there is not a bubonic plague making its way through Louisiana. A few died from unknown causes, others from heart failure, most recently, my grandfather (cancer). I hope he enjoyed his life for I didn't know him well. Such is the way of life. Regardless, I do love him, he's my grandfather.

On another note, I promise you this much, I am not going for a record. My girlfriend, Jen, insists that I know too many people (this is very well possible), I'm friendly and I spent seven years working in the casino industry. That also means I know people from all walks of life and of various ages. I've been walking around in a daze since Larry P. died of cancer in September of '08. He started a chain of deaths that has averaged five per semester. I still haven't grieved for all the people I've lost in these last few years, and now, my grandfather. And, it's "Dead Week". What kind of sick irony is that?

Update (Make that 22):
22 January 2011 (Rest in Peace: Ms. Faye)

01 December 2010

Seriously Funny Man Denis Leary and a MySpace Friend Request

You know how the last email said "I just checked my email and..." well, this time I'll let emails speak for themselves. I am amused, very amused. Thanks Denis Leary's social media person, or Denis Leary.


How many celebrities maintain their own social media? I'd really like to know. Should I assume every famous name has someone monitoring their computer status? Or, do you think they might have the desire (like people from this century) to surf the internet? Perhaps, add profiles, check out music, watch videos, laugh at stupid pet tricks by youtube freaks? You know, do a little cyber cruising?

(Note: I removed the ACCEPT/IGNORE button, because, let's face it, I haven't decided yet. I've been too busy writing this blog and doing my homework. Oh, what am I talking about, of course I'm going to friend Denis Leary. His myspace status claims his "dick is not orange." And, I do have a favorite Denis Leary movie line. You'll have to guess what it is. Mwuhahahahaha-ha-ha).

I feel like Pinky. Any minute now Brain is going to take over the world...and I get to watch.

Here it is:
Hey Monique,

Denis Leary friended you on Myspace.

Get exclusive content, contests and updates! Check out 
my new book “Suck On This Year,” out Dec. 2. And by “book,” 
I mean comedy pamphlet.

Okay, perhaps you noticed the funky thing under the myspace logo (BTW, I don't like their new logo)...well, it is late, I've been up for hours. I'm going to bed. I'll try to fix it later, 'cause nothing I'm doing is working right now. Good night, folks. Night Denis Leary, Matthew McConaughey, The Black Eyed Peas, Human Rights Campaign. Good night family and friends. Good night me!

If The HRC isn't Groovy, I Don't Know What Is

Okay, so, when I checked my email earlier I found this gem. I know I'm silly, but whoever the HRC tech person may be, well, "how you doin'?" Thanks for making my day.

I haven't done much towards adding groups or people onto any of the social medias I have accounts with. Basically, with school, the novel, life, and work, hey, you know how it goes, I don't have a staff, it's just me.

Anyway, dear readers, I thought you might get a kick out of the email too! I got a myspace friend request from Matthew McConaughey, but I forgot to make a screen shot of it. Did you know that if you don't accept a myspace friend request in a timely manner it'll just disappear? That one made me laugh too. I didn't approve Matthew McConaughey's friend request fast enough, it disappeared. I had to go back and request him. Perhaps it's just me, I don't know that it was Matthew McConaughey or his social media director, but I thought it was groovy. Just a little ray of sunshine. That's alright.

Peace my friends!


HumanRightsCampaign (@HRC) is now following your tweets (@MFinley80) on Twitter.

Washington, DC
Bio The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.
2,737 2,051 24,259
tweets following followers

You and @HRC both follow 3 users:

You follow 3 users who follow @HRC:

30 November 2010

Human Rights Campaign email 30 Nov 2010

Folks, the Pentagon Report on DADT came back supporting "open" gays in the military. Read the HRC email below, and put in your two cents with your senators!  

Human Rights Campaign

Dear friend,

Breaking news: Pentagon report finds NO REASON to bar open service by lesbians and gays.

But the Senate won't be in session long – so we need to act now. Tell the Senate:

"No more delays. The time to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is now."

As of this afternoon, there is absolutely no excuse to delay the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Now it's time to act.

The Department of Defense has released its landmark study, 9 months in the making. It came to the same conclusion as numerous experts' reports and 25 other countries.

They all agree on one simple, inescapable truth: Lesbians and gays should serve openly in the U.S. military.

My fellow troops have spoken. Generals have spoken. Think tanks have spoken. The American people have spoken.

From this point forward, any delay is nothing more than discrimination and partisan politics. It needs to end. The Senate is holding critical hearings this week and won't be in session long – so we must act now.

Tell your senators: No more delays. The military and the American people have spoken. Do the right thing. Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" now.

I was the first American wounded in Iraq. I lost my leg. I almost lost my life. When I returned home, I came out – and spoke out against a policy that forced me to hide who I was.

I've talked to elected officials on both sides of the debate. They all need to hear from us today. The ones with the courage to fight for equal rights still need to hear that voters want them to make it a priority. And the ones who have supported discrimination can still be convinced by the facts highlighted in this new report. I've seen it happen.

The evidence is on our side. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has always been wrong. But now, it's not just me or you saying it – it's the Pentagon’s own study.

We're on the brink of ending injustice – but we all must stand together, right now.

The clock is ticking and the Senate won't be in session too much longer. Raise your voice today.

Let's make this happen – for my brothers and sisters in arms who put themselves on the line to defend us, and for the good of this nation we all love.

In solidarity,

Eric Alva
Eric Alva
Retired Marine Staff Sergeant

P.S. If you have a minute, we need you to make two quick calls. Call (202) 224-3121 right now, ask to be connected to your senators' offices, and tell them to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" before they leave for the holidays. Be sure to make two calls, one for each senator in your state. Then report your calls. Thank you!

26 November 2010

AssociatedContent.com is Now Under the Yahoo! Contributor Network Banner

Hey All,
One of the sites I posted to regularly is now part of Yahoo! Way to go AssociatedContent.com! I'm not sure how life will be under new management, but, I'm excited by the new connection, I mean, Yahoo has a level of name recognition that Associated Content just didn't have. We're still talking user submitted content networking, but now, the prestige of Yahoo! I wonder if they are going to bring in editors and beef up the content submission process with extraneous requirements (you know, like Demand Media did after picking up eHow.com--another user submitted content networking site, now, requiring writing samples and editorial squads)? Well, the good news is that I am now a Yahoo! Contributor how cool is that?

24 November 2010

Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond, Louisiana

Okay, so I finally got to go to my first Ren-Fest. I see the beginning of a bright a burgeoning future (um, past?). Oh, and let's be honest, the company one keeps directly influences the outcome of the good-time clock. I now have in my possession one blue Robin Hood-esque hat equipped with a bright green pimp feather. That's right folks, I've got my first piece of Ren-wear. How I've thought of this moment. (I'm such a ren-dork. That's okay, you keep coming back, makes me think within you may lie the heart of ren-dorkiness or, are you a ren-dork advocate?) I now harbor memories of primitive living with three awesome women, campfire cooking, and "That season we were loaded with pizazz. Earrings of fuchsia and peach. Mind you, peach. And hats. Hats, hats, hats. Hats for career girls. How I adored Paris." Oh, you know the lines. If you don't know it from To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Numar, then you might know it from "D.V The Autobiography of Diana Vreeland." If you don't know it, well, that's cool too, cause I only know it from To Wong Fu, just saying.

11 November 2010

Fw: Fighting for our rights on Veterans Day - with your help

Hey all,
I received the following email from Iraq Veterans Against The War (IVAW). I have chosen to pass this message along because I know what it's like to have the military jack you over, especially in the health department. This soldier went AWOL to take care of his health. Read the email, research the story, tell me what you think.
The first step to healing is taking your own health in your own hands.
Monique Finley
Dream: What else do you have to live for?

(Note: As usual, I have disabled the donation links. If you ever desire donating to any of the activist sites I mention, you should go directly to their websites.)

Dear Monique,
IVAW is defending the rights of veterans and service members this Veterans Day

(We are always doing this, but today is a day that more people listen.)

As I write this, Field Organizer, Chantelle Bateman, member, Zach Choate, and civilian supporter, Ryan Harvey, are traveling with AWOL soldier, Jeff Hanks, who refused to re-deploy to Afghanistan after the Army denied him medical care. They've been driving for hours through the Deep South, headed to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where Jeff will hold a press conference, then turn himself in to the Army medical center on base.

Jeff has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was due to receive medical evaluation and treatment during a leave from his tour in Afghanistan, when his military commanders effectively cancelled his doctor appointments to send him back to combat. Jeff made the difficult decision to go AWOL to get the care he needed. IVAW's Operation Recovery Campaign has helped Jeff to get the civilian medical care he so desperately needs, and identify a lawyer to defend his right to heal.

Your past support has been critical to our work on Operation Recovery, and we are just getting started. Would you consider making a special Veterans Day donation to sustain our efforts?

Make a special Veterans Day gift now by clicking here.
We are taking action across the country today

Here are some highlights of the work we are doing today to honor Veterans and promote Operation Recovery:

* Members at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana are tabling on their campus, then doing an art installation about the issue of veteran and soldier suicide.
* Savannah members are holding a teach-in and then are flyering GI hang outs near Fort Stewart, GA.
* San Francisco members are holding a teach-in and education forum on the issue of military and war trauma.
* In Manhattan, Kansas, members are flyering at the annual Veterans Day parade and doing outreach to GIs at Fort Riley.
* Our Chicago chapter has organized an art exhibition, Intrusive Thoughts, part of a month-long series of programs at the National Veterans Art Museum.

And this is just to name a few.

We could not do this work without your moral and financial support.

Help us continue our work with a special Veterans Day donation today.
IVAW files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on traumatized soldiers in the U.S. Army

Today, we requested information from our government that will expose the scope of the problem of troops serving with un-treated trauma, including the number of troops that have reported or sought treatment for PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Military Sexual Trauma. We specifically want to know about the 101st Airborne Division, the 1st Infantry Division, the 2nd Infantry Division, the 3rd Infantry Division, the 1st Cavalry Division, and the 10th Mountain Division. These troops are the most heavily deployed and are dealing with extremely high rates of suicide and depression. The U.S. Army has this information, but has not made it public.

Your financial support now will help us continue to expose what the military is so eager to suppress - the systemic problem of war trauma ravaging our military.

Thank you for making a special Veterans Day donation today. Click here to give.

In Solidarity,

Aaron Hughes

Field Organizing Team Leader

Revver.com Inaccessible

Hey All,

It just came to my attention that Revver.com is not accessible. Wikipedia says that the website was purchased in 2008 and apparently they haven't been making payments to content submitters. I have three videos on Revver.com, the link in my CV section will take you to a blank page. When and if they come back online, I'll let you know. The last thing on the Wiki article mentions business suspension in California (legal troubles?)

One of my professors asked me why I want to learn the fine arts of website creation, maintenance, and design. I told him that I fear losing material because websites go bunk; and if websites go bunk, it stands to reason that hosting sites may also go bunk; and if hosting sites go bunk it stands to reason that I would be better off hosting, creating, and designing my own website. Although, it would also stand to reason that my electric bill would rise, my air conditioning costs would rise, and my computer would really need an upgrade.

It's a life lesson we all can do with remembering: if you want it done right, do it yourself.

***UPDATE 11/24/2010***
Revver.com was accessible again the day after this blog was posted. Apparently there's been a little touch and go. Who knows, guess it was Gremlins in the Ether.

***UPDATE 08/14/2011***
Revver.com is once again inaccessible. However, I found a website that pings their pages to verify the connection: WebsiteNotWorking.com/revver.com. This site also has a section for the user to input other websites...it is a useful resource!

02 November 2010

November 2010 Election Results

Link to Louisiana Secretary of State website (for unofficial 2010 election results)

It saddens me to say it, but, I think I have been forced by my fellow voters to continue writing Senator David Vitter and Representative John Flemming. This saddens me because both of these men are adamant in their goal of working against equality for homosexuals. Well, that's fine Louisiana. That's fine Vitter. That's fine Fleming. I, too, am adamant in my goal of achieving equality for homosexuals. Take this as fair warning: Beware the pen that writes oft!

Soon, I shall let the missives fly through cyberspace.
Until then, may the muses guide you.
~Monique Finley

11 October 2010

If Nothing Else, There's Always You

6 billion (+) people on this planet. That's 6 billion lives, 6 billion perspectives, 6 billion views, 6 billion opinions.
There are 365 (+/-) days in the year.
In no single day will 6 billion people be simultaneously pissed off.
In no single day will 6 billion people be simultaneously ecstatic.
In no single day will 6 billion people be simultaneously [fill in emotional verb].

Isn't it strange to know that no matter what the day brings 6 billion people will not share the experience?
Some experiences just shouldn't be shared.

Okay, you were wondering the point of this little exercise:

With that many crazy bastards running around, I harbor no delusions that animosity and long-bred hatreds might dissipate in my life time. Yet, I feel it necessary to remind folks (yes, you, you crazy bastard, and me, too):
  • We cannot "all just get along" because we're coming at social life from 6 billion perspectives and 6 billion "I am right" perspectives leave little room for discussion.
  • What we can do? Tend our own gardens, mind our own business, and leave other people the hell alone.
Of course, we can always continue on:
perpetuating the cycle,
invading each others' lives,
criminalizing harmlessness,
breeding contempt,
creating superiority and inferiority complexes
vying as sheep within military-industrial complexes,
getting technologically intelligent and
common sense stupid.

I tell you, it's not up to me and it is not up to you; it is up to 6 billion of us. But, it starts with two.

07 October 2010

Questions of "Queer" Morality and Small "Victories"

Just two little tid-bits I thought you might be interested in:

Guy caught impersonating military officer claims to be protesting DADT. Not really sure how these relate, but, okay guy.

Air Force Major discharged under DADT still fighting the good fight! We are supporting you, hon! Don't give up!

06 October 2010

Firefighters Watch House Burn Over $75 Unpaid Fee

Oh, this is a great one people! Seriously, the state of Tennessee and Obion County have a lot to answer for. The link below is the first piece I saw regarding this issue. I'm going to do a little back ground and let you know WTF is up.
Yahoo!News: "Rural Tennessee fire sparks conservative ideological debate"

The "facts":
Firefighters are fighters of fires, not watchers of fires.
Firefighters follow orders from Fire Department Supervisors (Fire chiefs, etc).
Fire Department Heads follow orders from City Management (Mayor, City Council, etc.).
City Management creates and follows laws put in place by city management (elected officials).
Elected officials and non-elected officials enact, enable, and enforce laws meant to "punish" members of the community (officials included) for myriad violations.
Elected officials are elected by members of the community.
City officials and community members each agree to be held responsible for their own violations.
The Constitution and Judicial Commentary affords that "punishment cannot outweigh the crime".

My Opinion (as it stands now):
Watching the fire department watch your house burn down while preventing neighboring property from catching fire is not a proportionate punishment for failure to pay the $75 annual fire protection fee.
As such, the city order mandating the fire department to not respond to fires on properties that are not up-to-date on fee payment is not a proportionate response to the "crime of not paying." Those people responsible for ordering the firefighters to not respond have violated the Constitution, violated their responsibilities to the community, and have acted more like extortionists than community leaders.  

My Verdict:
The city officials that are responsible for ordering the fire department to ignore a house on fire ought to be fired and the city should pay to rebuild, refurnish, and apologize to the property owner. The law should be changed to include firefighting services at-cost for those who fail to pay the annual fee. In other words, if you fail to pay $75 annual fee, the fire department will still fight the fire, and the property owner will be billed for the service at the price of the service (cost of water, equipment, firefighters, etc).

01 October 2010

Damn it, I did it, I Forgot to Save a Copy--Again

Okay, so, I'm guilty. I wrote Senator Landrieu and forgot to copy the letter before pressing send. I really need to quit doing that. Regardless, I did have a piece of the letter saved to my clipboard, so, I shall share that with ya! As always, if she writes back, I'll let you know what's up.

*Oh yeah, Louisiana, VOTE VITTER OUT on November 2.

Here's the piece I managed to retain:

"As a Navy veteran, Louisiana resident, and Lesbian voter, I know first hand the horrors of living the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" lie forced upon LGBT service members by the 1992 government miscalculation that introduced the 1993 implementation of DADT. My time in service was greatly impacted by the DADT law, and my experience was tainted by the knives of homophobia institutionalized by the very government I served. All around me were people legally allowed to talk about their loved ones. I was denied, for mention of a girlfriend would have begun the discharge proceedings. Can you imagine living in the frame of mind where you must watch your Pronouns? Where a slipped "girlfriend" could equate to the end of your career?"

Needless to say, I will make every effort to blog the entire letter...It's about time I send Rep. Fleming something, I'm sure he'll have something offensively diplomatic to say.

28 September 2010

Let the Whining Commence!

18 hours this semester, and a shit ton of work. I knew it wasn't going to be a cake walk, but Hades knows, I could do without some of the extracurricular bovine excrement. Just saying.

(By the way, don't act surprised, you were warned!)

12 September 2010

Fw: Judge strikes down DADT: Now Lt. Dan Choi needs your help...

(The following is an email came to me from the Courage Campaign. I thought I would share! So, here you go, the following is the entire email, minus the donation links at the bottom of the original email which I erased for this blog.)

Judge strikes down DADT: Now Lt. Dan Choi needs your help...
Bulletin from the cause: Stop Prop 8!
Posted By: Andy Kelley
To: Members in Stop Prop 8!

Judge strikes down DADT: Now Lt. Dan Choi needs your help...

Last night, federal district court Judge Virginia Phillips declared that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is unconstitutional. Following federal court rulings on Proposition 8 in August and the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) in July, Judge Phillips' decision is the third federal court ruling in as many months to find statutory limitations on the rights of LGBT Americans unconstitutional.

However, the fate of DADT is still in doubt. It's very possible that the DADT decision will be stayed, which means President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid must take the lead to finally repeal this discriminatory policy. As Lt. Dan Choi writes below, we need to push them to take action now -- before the November election.

Since 2009, the Courage Campaign has collected 491,197 signatures on behalf of Lt. Dan Choi and other LGBT service members, and delivered them to members of Congress, the U.S. Army and the Obama Administration. Now we need you to do it again -- sign here to tell Sen. Harry Reid to follow through on his promise to Lt. Choi:

Keep the Promise


Dear Friend --

The ruling by Judge Virginia Phillips potentially striking down DADT is a huge victory for our movement. But it is not the end. Not by a long-shot.

In July, Senator Harry Reid took the stage at Netroots Nation in Las Vegas for a panel discussion. Joan McCarter, the moderator, handed him my West Point ring and told Reid that I wanted him to keep it.

At first, Sen. Reid declined, but then agreed to keep it until DADT is actually repealed. Upon his acceptance, I lept onto the stage to briefly meet Reid. Holding the ring, Reid asked me: "When we get it passed, you'll take it back, right?" I responded:

"I sure will, but I'm going to hold you accountable."

The time for accountability has come. Now Sen. Reid needs to follow the leadership of Judge Phillips and take immediate action to support the men and women serving in our nation's military.

Please help me hold Sen. Reid to his promise by asking him to bring the Defense Authorization bill to the floor for a vote the week of September 20 -- the last opportunity the Senate will have to repeal DADT before the November election. Click here now to watch the video of my brief discussion with Sen. Reid and sign my letter asking him to keep his promise to repeal DADT:

Keep the Promise

I commend Judge Virginia Phillips, Alex Nicholson and the Log Cabin Republicans for their firm stance in defense of the First Amendment and their unwavering support of our national security. Judge Phillips has forthrightly exercised her unquestionable moral authority and lived up to her mandate to defend our constitution.

Sen. Reid is not the only elected official who needs to follow the leadership of Judge Phillips. So does President Obama.

I implore President Obama and his Justice Department NOT to appeal the ruling by Judge Phillips. Like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown did by refusing to defend Prop 8 in California, the President and the DoJ can refuse to appeal this DADT ruling. They can refuse to lift a finger and not waste any energy, statements, or money defending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the courts.

No matter what President Obama does, we need to keep up the pressure on Sen. Reid to keep his promise to repeal DADT in the legislative branch. Please click here to sign my letter asking Sen. Reid to bring the Defense Authorization bill to the floor for a vote the week of September 20 -- the last opportunity the Senate will have to repeal DADT before the November election:

Keep the Promise

Thank you for everything you have done to help end DADT in the last few years. Our road has not been easy but our struggle continues to prove that love is still worth it.

Lt. Dan Choi

Already sign the letter? Click here to share it on Facebook and ask your friends to join you: Share "Keep the Promise" on Facebook

09 September 2010

Book Bazaar Friday and Saturday (9/10 & 9/11)

This makes me happy. Hello. My name is Monique Finley and I am a book addict. Okay, actually, I'm a book slut. I know. I know. I shouldn't be so hard on myself. But, it's true. Any other book sluts I see at the book bazaar, well, I wont judge you.

Centenary Book Bazaar information

07 September 2010

Pherophone App Created by Peeps at Centenary

Shreveport Times news article titled "Centenary Students and Teacher Go App"

Do you have an Android phone? Then, this article is totally for you! If, you don't, well, you should check out the link because the potentiality for usefulness rates high in my book. You be the judge.

This is just too cool.

04 September 2010

The White House Wrote Back

This email was sent to me on Wed, September 1, 2010 2:22:06 PM. This is the government response to a gay rights petition I signed. Whenever I sign petitions, I make sure to add information about myself and to question the stance of politicians being addressed. Occasionally, I receive return correspondence--usually from an office flackey--I make no qualms about not "ranking high enough" to receive actual correspondence. I asked for a run down on the President's stance on LGBT rights and received this letter:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing. We must stand united to protect
liberty and justice for all our citizens, and I appreciate your
perspective on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights.

My Administration has taken a number of steps to address
issues affecting the LGBT community. Leading by example, I
extended benefits to same-sex partners of Federal employees in the
Civil and Foreign Services. I also signed a Presidential Memorandum
directing hospitals receiving Medicare and Medicaid funds to give all
patients the compassion and security they deserve in their time of
need, including the ability to choose who can visit them and make
medical decisions. To help take on discrimination in all its forms, we
are working to ensure that core Federal housing programs are open to all, and I signed landmark legislation that strengthens protections
against hate crimes based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

We also ended the ban on entry to the United States for people living
with HIV/AIDS, and we issued the first comprehensive National
HIV/AIDS Strategy.

While we have made great strides, much work remains to
achieve full equality for LGBT individuals. I stand by my
commitment to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and Pentagon leaders
are ensuring we can change this in a way that strengthens our Armed
Forces and national security. I have urged Congress to pass the
bipartisan Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act, and I
support extending the over 1,100 Federal marital rights and benefits to same-sex couples. I support the Employment Non-Discrimination
Act, as well as legislative repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Adoption rights must also be secured for LGBT families, and we need
to ensure our children are free to learn in supportive environments in school.

To learn more information about my Administration's efforts
to create a more open and tolerant society, please visit:


Barack Obama

To be a part of our agenda for change, visit: http://www.whitehouse.gov/"

End of letter, beginning of head scratching: this letter is beautifully written, wonderfully rhetorical, designed to brighten and enlighten the modern progressive mind, and meant as testimony to the efforts of the current administration (though, you'll shortly see the futility). I do applaud both the quick response time (approx. 6-8 weeks) and the direct response to the question of a single citizen (unfortunately, I can't find the copy of petition letter I sent). It must be noted that Presidential Memorandum is not permanent law, the very next president could choose to write their own Presidential Memorandum removing/revoking great strides as desired. That said, I'll give props for rhetoric regarding what more needs to be done for the LGBT communities, while I actively observe whether these needs are met, or continued to be denied.

On another note:
I think of the Police song "Every Breath You Take" and I think of the illustrious Department of Homeland Security, thank the goddess I'm not that creepy. Do you think the Police song was predictive of Homeland Security (our own little Gestapo)? Or, is it just a stalker song?

28 August 2010

Week One of 2010-11 School Year at Centenary College

Hey All!

Well, we hit the ground running and the school year is off like a maniac horse chomping at the bit to make circles round the track. Whooo Hoooo! I have no idea how complicated I have made my life by taking 18 hours this semester, but, if not for self-inflicted complication, what else would I have to struggle for? As the Army dudes say, "Hoorah!" And as we sailors say, "huh? Hells yeah, man! I mean sir!"

Okay folks, I know you're wondering how this semester's line up reads, so, here you go: Seminar in the Novel, Women's Literature, Latin 2, Design Communication, History (Independent Study w/focus on Ancient Roman Non-Traditional Women), and now, if you please, imagine the stereotypical drumroll...Introduction to Biblical Hebrew!

I know, I'm giddy. So, silly.
(Remember this blog when I'm whining later!)

22 August 2010

Last Minute Before School Traveling Rocks!

I finally saw New Orleans! I'm so excited (still!) We arrived home a few hours ago. Talk about a long sweaty drive home, mmm, tasty. New Orleans is an amazing city. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my camera--I know, dumb--regardless, I now have an idea of the New Orleans that hurricanes and negligent governing can't kill; the New Orleans that is the espirit de corps of Louisiana residents and the foundation stone of stubborn swamp dwellers. And, I got to meet New Orleans with my little sister and my girlfriend! I mean, what's more awesome than that? How about dinner in Houma with these two fabulous chicks and the older bros' families! I dig it man, can you?

Classes start tomorrow! "I'm so excited. And, I just can't hide it..." Okay, enough singing off key.

Peace and sweet dreams
So Mote It Be!

18 August 2010

Flash Fiction Entries on Helium and Associated Content

Flash Fiction on Associated Content
Maggie's Conundrum
Maggie survived high school by keeping to herself. The day Maggie learns the secret of her boss's son she is also confronted by her own secret. What happens next shocks everyone, including Maggie.

Flash Fiction Contest on Helium.com
A Near Miss (Helium.com contest title)
When Christina (a.k.a. Chris) learns about the upcoming school Sadie Hawkins themed dance she comes face-to-face with the reality of heteronormative society. Will she cave and ask one of the boys to accompany her, while adhering to dress standards; or, will she buck expectation to go stag in a tuxedo?

An Alien Encounter (Helium.com contest title)
Josh leaves his hometown ridiculed for his unwavering belief in UFOs. With the oppression of doubt behind him, Josh soon finds himself in the perfect position to reinforce his beliefs. Will he have to see the aliens with his own eyes, or will Josh take the testimony of others as proof?

A Medieval Adventure (Helium.com contest title)
A knight finally arrives to deliver an important missive from his king to a favored archduke. Exhausted and hungry from quick travel on numerous mounts, the knight waits the archduke's reply. What does the king want of the archduke, and what will his reply be?

09 August 2010

Flyers on the Car Window in B&N's Parking Lot

Yesterday, I spent time with family at the Barnes & Nobles. When we left we found a flyer under the window. The flyer was actually 3 "newsletters" from the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. These flyers are full of conspiracy claims involving the Catholic Church and the US Government. Naturally, I didn't throw away the flyers. I read over one of them and did a little quicky wiki research (you can too: Tony Alamo on Wikipedia). Tony Alamo is a real class act, I certainly hope that the 175 years in prison are strenuous and painful. For further information check out the Tony Alamo News website.

I am floored that someone would put that trash on my girlfriend's vehicle. That kind of material is meant for the ignorant and those easily susceptible to propaganda, but definitely not for lesbians like myself. The Tony Alamo Christian Ministries teaches that homosexuals should be put to death. These people are fanatics who have gained a following since beginning their teachings in 1969; the following has and continues to spread propaganda; and, they should be refuted at every turn.

05 August 2010

NASA, Gotta Love'm

Okay, seriously, I like NASA. I am positive that there is some strange conspiracy at the heart of NASA research and exploration missions. I don't care. Let'em have their conspiracies, especially if they get humanity off the planet, while exponentially increasing the likelihood of the species survival.

Oh. My friends, NASA has an ass-kicking camera for looking at the sun. Go to NASA.gov and browse through their database. You don't have to join anything to see what crazy new technology is doing for universe education. (Now, if we can just get universal education on the face of the earth).

Oil Spill Little Black Book

Little Black Book for Emergency Oil Spill Clean Up

This is the 6th edition of the emergency responder's oil spill contact book. The website claims 2003-2010 copyright; accessed 5 Aug 2010.

Prepare yourself for a diatribe.

Can some one tell me: WTF? Some person had the foresight to put together a listing for oil spill emergency services, but the FED has no ACTION PLAN for oil spills which threaten the livelihood of multiple states? I find the FED's lack of forethought regarding future spills to be utterly unacceptable, yet, stereotypical of bureaucratic machinations long recognized as inefficient.

Of course, the conspiracy theorist in me has a few fabulous ideas about how the top five businesses in the top five industries conspire to cripple America and the globe; and, with the consent of the FED their tactics are working quite well. I could just be paranoid, but I give it five years before some flackey brings up the Amero (again). They'll say the only way out of recession is to unite North American currency, though the Euro's Grecian example will be completely ignored (supposedly forgotten).

Will we be close enough to the edge of starvation and homelessness to be willing to try a new form of currency? The FED has been preparing us for a change over (at least) since the late 1990's when the Treasury began releasing new bills and coins under the guise of fighting counterfeiters and supplying collectors with a purpose. Banks have been preparing us for a singular currency since the advent of banking, long before the creation of ATMs.

Do you suppose the push for one currency is just a stop on the way to no currency? How many movies have you seen where the depicted society uses electronic credits for purchases? Remove ATM machines and bank tellers; allow users access to online banking and online bill pay; convince retail companies to use machines to read bank cards; thus, allowing cashless transactions. The societal transition begins slowly, then picks up speed, nearly halting when recession hits, and accelerating as the FED introduces reduced rates and tax breaks for corporate welfare recipients.

What does that have to do with oil? Automakers once petitioned Congress to use petroleum oil, rather than hemp seed oil as the fuel of our nation. Henry Ford and his hemp seed fueled vehicle and refilling station were pushed to the side as propaganda and bribery by oil industry interests garnered Congressional support. With Congressional support, the Oil Industry used a deft hand to shape the nation: creating niches for automakers to create product dependent on oil; mechanics to specialize in repair of said product; and countless other industry vampires with no purpose other than to feed off of auto owners (think insurance and DMV fees). The oil industry's level of sneakiness has only improved with nearly 100 years experience in the practice of misleading (e.g., the industry-wide shift of using superglue to secure factory headlight covers
onto headlight assemblies meant DIY mechanics with busted headlights could no longer purchase the $2-3 cover, instead they had to buy the $40-$60 replacement headlight assembly. The move was a bold stroke of sneaky ninja genius that has cost DIY mechanics countless millions over the years).

With so many pockets lined in the benefits of black gold, well, let's just say it is in the interest of BP to collect the spilt oil, commercial reasons aside, BP stands the backlash of public disapproval. A thought that motivates some into alternate action, though the reality is, BP is playing the Big Oil game, and like EXXON, will bounce back mightily, so long as the world remains dependent on oil. Daily, more countries secure the oil noose around their own necks. We have acceptable, alternate, more energy efficient means of transportation available. We have had this ability since Ford petitioned Congress with his models of hemp seed oil vehicles and service stations. Yet, we import oil dependency to nations developing cross-country and cross-continent highway infrastructures. Why are we not importing the more environmentally friendly, less dangerous fuel option? Because too many pockets are lined because of the current oil dependent infrastructure. Loud voices backed by endless financal resources scream warnings of financial collapse should we transition off oil too quickly. Fear-mongering and hand-slicking offer the appearance of caution. Truth be known, the action squeezes billions more out of the middle class and the poor (in any and every nation). The process amounts to sucking the orange rind dry after squeezing every drop of the juice out of the pulp.

Once again, you ask, what does oil have to do with a change in currency? Do you not see? We already use a singular global currency--oil. What is currency? Paper and coin emblazoned with imagery of the nation's rulers, backed by the economic strength of the nation, and used in good faith by the citizenry for acquistion of consumer goods. While individual countries with cash-based systems have been tranistioning to cashless systems as evidenced with the spread of ATM/Debit Card transactions, those same countries have embraced the oil industry and brought dependency to their own countries. Transitioning is only one of a number of smaller slight-of-hand manuveurs designed to line global citizens with a singular currency. Currency can be anything, so long as the citizenry value it, and today, nothing is quite as valuable as oil.

The Oil Industry will continue to recklessly fight the transition off of oil like a cornered tiger will fight. In the end, the tranistion off oil will create a new currency based on the most promising of power delievery methods. Who knows, maybe Columbian druglords working with the CIA will be able to secure government contracts for processing hemp seed oil for sale at Mickey D's vegetable and hemp seed oil fueling stations.

(Pertinet links will be added to this blog rant. Stay tuned!)

Adopt-A-Gay Foundation

For more information on how little we actually won with the overturning of Prop 8 follow the link below. Don't get me wrong, I applaud Judge Walker, but legalized marriage in one state set next to state legalized homosexual murder, well, just click the link:

Adopt-A-Gay Foundation: Civil Rights Alert: Prop 8 Ban on Same-sex Marriage Overturned

01 August 2010

Novel Update

Ah, some satisfaction comes from knowing I am reaching the close of my novel. First, get the story out, then smooth out the kinks and improve the flow. So exciting! If novel writing is foreplay, and editing is sex, then publishing can only be climactic! Maybe next time I'll tell you what the novel is about. ;)~

Then again...

31 July 2010

A Room of Her Own Foundation latest deadlines approach!

A recent email received from A Room of Her Own Foundation.

This group was offering a $50,000 grant to women writers. They announced earlier this year they no longer were able to support the $50,000 grant. They also announced they would continue with the smaller competitive awards. There is always an application fee, so be forewarned. I don't trust contests with high fees, their fees are what I consider standard. I know there are major publishing companies that run fee-based contests, even those feel like scams. I have no idea if they have reinstated the $50,000 grant for 2011. It's too bad, too, women writer's have very few grants available. Feel like singing?

"Another one's gone. Another one's gone. Another one bites the dust." (I can't remember who wrote that song. Any ideas?

Check out the newsletter from AROHO:

July 2010 Newsletter/A Room of Her Own

It's July 31, 2010 ... the Fall 2010 Orlando Deadline is here! Don't miss the fleeting opportunity to submit your work of Creative Nonfiction, Short Fiction, Sudden Fiction, or Poetry for review and possible award of $1,000 plus publication in LA's literary gem, The Los Angeles Review. We love reading your work, and look forward to discovering fresh perspectives and talents.

Keep your poetry manuscripts coming for AROHO's second annual To the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize. Deadline: August 31, 2010. The $1,000 award will be given to one outstanding body of work by a woman, and will include publication by Red Hen Press.

2011 AROHO Discovery Retreat. A Dream of Our Own: Women Writing New, Women Writing True.
Excited yet? You should be. Marilynne Robinson and much, much more. Information and application coming soon!

PO Box 778 | Placitas, NM 87043 US

30 July 2010

Centenary College Update

Ah, summer has peeked and now we slope towards autumn's cooler climes and busier times. I'm excited by my class schedule. Discussed the reading list for my independent study, very groovy, and very much the student's responsibility--that's me! Roman History, Roman language, Roman politics, Roman, Roman, dig it? I'm really digging the concept of Independent Studies. Now, there is something to be said for classes and group projects where you get to pick your partners.

27 July 2010

New Helium Article

Alright folks, you've waited for it, and here it is, a non-poetry, non-fictional piece about the pros and cons of homesteading. Technically this title is a contest entry, however, I only entered one title, thus, I wont be able to recieve enough points for a contest win. Needless to say, I felt I should put my two cents into the topic.

The Pros and Cons of Homesteading

Keep checking the site for the latest and greatest by me! In fact, if you subscribe through the RSS feed you'll recieve an email whenever I post!

21 July 2010

Finley's Latest AssociatedContent.com Publications

Analysis of 18th Century Gender Transformations Utilizing Judith Walkowitz' "City of Dreadful Delight" and Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

Research paper discussing gender in the 18th century. Judith Walkowitz' Bill Southgate represents the actuality of changing behavior. Compares Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to the reality of life during the 18th century.

Grant Resources for Louisiana Women-Owned Businesses and Start Ups

Article highlights federal government and Louisiana State sponsored grant search engines and opportunities for women entrepreneurs as well as private non-profit funding.

Examination of Appearances & Professionals in Melville's The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade

Discussion of Melville's use of passing characters in "The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade."

The Promised Sequel: Helium.com Poetry Contest

Alright, I wrote as many of the Helium.com contest titles as I possibly could before the time limit passed. Unfortunately, my promise of nonpoetry entries in this particular contest has failed to come to fruition. Of the 20 "Opposites" creative writing titles, I submitted 14 (all poems). Fortunately, Helium is daily running contests and I shall have my name and musings smeared across their contest categories! It'll be fun! You should join me.

Links to the long awaited last seven titles I entered:

Poetry: Happy and Sad

Poetry: Hot and Cold

Poetry: Loud and Quiet

Poetry: On and Off

Poetry: Shout and Whisper

Poetry: Up and Down

Poetry: Wall and Run

10 July 2010

Finley's Latest Poetry on Helium.com

Helium.com is once again doing their monthly contests. The creative writing contest is a twenty title overall leader wins (based on a plus/minus scoring for percentile rankings).

Every poem entered under my name was written specifically for the Helium contest titles. There will be another post following in the next few days. My intention is to enter at least one item in every title. At present I have entered seven poems under seven different titles.

If you don't dig poetry fear not! Six of the contest titles are not poetry. You'll have to come back in a day or two for the rest.

Helium.com poetry contest (end date: July 13th)

(Note: Link titles come from Helium.com contest titles. These poems are otherwise untitiled.)

Poetry: Long and Short

Poetry: Heavy and Light

Poetry: Add and Subtract

Poetry: Clean and Dirty

Poetry: Old and New

Poetry: Empty and Full

Poetry: Good and Evil

08 July 2010

"Fight Washington Corruption" MoveOn.org Petition

Pasted below is the email and link to a petition sponsered by MoveOn.org. The purpose of this petition is to influence politicians to overturn the Supreme Court's decision to allow unlimited corporate funds for election campaigns. Check out the link. Read the petition. If you agree, sign it. I don't frequently suggest throwing one's voice in with the crowd. But, I'm sure you will agree that thousands of voices screaming one thing is much more effective than thousands of voices screaming thousands of things.

The E-Mail: Copy and paste the addresses below in your address bar
Subject: Counter corporate control of our democracy

I just signed the "Fight Washington Corruption" pledge to get Congress to stand up to corporate influence over our democracy. At the end of the month, a group of people in our district is going to take these signatures to Rep. John Fleming, asking him to sign the pledge too. We need another 416 people to sign to reach our goal by then. You can sign at the link below:


If Rep. John Fleming is not your Representative you can sign a petition to your Representative here:



07 June 2010

Heading home soon--No more Paris, No more Europe--How sad!

Well, we were unable to catch a library that was open in Paris. So, no blog last week. Last night we arrived in Mons. We missed our 1st class Thalys ride by less than a minute due to bus issues--couldn't find one that ran on a Sunday--had to pay more for a downgrade to 2nd class on a train that wasn't headed to our stop (that one has me floored)!

Today, is a chill day, resting our feet before the dragging of our tired carcasses back through the gazillion U.S. security checks. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about the drug sniffing dogs as we left the contraband in Amsterdam. (That was fun to write).

Mohawk dyke started donning her ballcap as we rolled out of France and into London. By then the purple had really started to fade. I still haven't had the time to mohawk right. I hope all mohawkers will forgive my spike transgressions!

More soon.

20 May 2010

Going to the Cabin, Gonna Get Rest

Checked out of the Marnix Hotel this morning. Found out something ate half the bread while we slept! Stopped at the University of Amsterdam and got lots of information!

16 May 2010

Mohawk Dyke and Company in Brussels

Okay, I love accidental perfection. We went to Brussels expecting to do the museum thing, but when we got there we found out that the 14, 15, and 16th of May just so happen to be Brussels Gay Pride Weekend. Mom and Jen went to their first Gay Pride Parade in Brussels, Belgium!

We went to see the parade and had a wonderful time. My mohawk brought us leaflets and flyers that we may have missed out on had I been my normal self (including an invitation to a queer punk party)! Mom received leaflets for parents and friends of LGBTs. Jen was handed all kinds of great stuff.

We saw our first international lesbian domestic dispute (it looked nothing like that shit they show on COPS).

Later on we walked into the heart of The Rainbow Village and immersed ourselves in the Pride street party! They had three stages set up! I think someone should pinch me, cause yesterday just couldn't be real!

Queer Adventures in Europe

Hey all!

So, I went and did it. I fulfilled a dream I had at the grand old age of 12 years old! I now have a purple mohawk! Yep, you read that correctly, GQ Dyke "everyone's favorite pet lesbian" Monique dropped the sexy spikes to sport a mohawk for her European adventure. Just call me Mohawk Dyke!

Warning: Pictures coming soon.

08 April 2010

Check out these Finley Videos

I have put up a couple of my videos on Revver.com and YouTube.com

I call this the practice run for when I have the right equipment. Plus, I thought it would be nice to learn these media sites. Regardless, if you're interested in watching, click the links included in this post.

Finley on Revver.com:
Check out this photo-poetic slideshow.

Jena 6: War on the Crits
Check out this photo-poetic response to the Jena 6 protests.

Finley on YouTube.com:
Local Laws are Fucking You
This is a SOAP BOX piece by me, GQ Dyke, on the serious state of disregard localities--such as City of Shreveport--have for civil liberties. Regards city ordinances banning sagging pants

Corporate Fascism Takes America
Check out this political poem warning of too much corporate freedom as a limitation of individual freedom and rights

This is a SOAP BOX piece by me, GQ Dyke, on the serious state of rising gas prices and how the federal government is jacking with taxpaying American citizens by not protecting us from domestic harm inherent in run away big business.
In this piece the suit and tie are off!

Gay-E-Magazine Relaunch

If you haven't already checked out the newest edition of Gay E-magazine then what are you waiting for?

Go to: Gay-E-Magazine.com

21 January 2010


Hey, Hey, Hey,
That's right it's time for all things GAY!


Gay E Mag is coming soon to an internet connection near you! Just click the link above and let the fun begin. Catch up on past issues where you just might laugh your self silly while enjoying great Lesbian humor. Not a lesbian? That's cool, we don't judge!

Projected Relaunch date: That's for me to know and you to find out! Muwahaha!

Catch up on the back issues and I'll tell you when to catch the next issue!

American Literature @ Centenary College

Hey all,
During the Spring 2010 school year I am taking an American Literature class. One of the requirements is to create a blog as a place to keep notes on the readings. If you checked out the Meat Vs. Veggie blog, well, this won't be like that, but it will be informative...after all, I'll be posting my opinions too!

Some Nights by FUN

(*Please Note: We the People of the United States of America are citizens of a Constitutional Republic, a.k.a. The Republic. We are not a direct democracy like some believe. By the Constitution, we are a Representative Democracy. We elect representation to defend the Constitution and the People. We placed our faith with government in the people, not in monarchs, not in career politicians, but in the People.

You want changes? Then, it is time for you to take an active interest in the good of the Republic. Do not leave governance to career politicians. Run for office. Vote for third, fourth, and fifth parties.)

This November vote them all out!
Clean Out Congress or Bust!

Take Me to Church by Hozier

* 26 JUNE 2015 * LGBT Rights Victory *
read the Supreme Court's opinion:


What Would the Dude Do?