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31 July 2010

A Room of Her Own Foundation latest deadlines approach!

A recent email received from A Room of Her Own Foundation.

This group was offering a $50,000 grant to women writers. They announced earlier this year they no longer were able to support the $50,000 grant. They also announced they would continue with the smaller competitive awards. There is always an application fee, so be forewarned. I don't trust contests with high fees, their fees are what I consider standard. I know there are major publishing companies that run fee-based contests, even those feel like scams. I have no idea if they have reinstated the $50,000 grant for 2011. It's too bad, too, women writer's have very few grants available. Feel like singing?

"Another one's gone. Another one's gone. Another one bites the dust." (I can't remember who wrote that song. Any ideas?

Check out the newsletter from AROHO:

July 2010 Newsletter/A Room of Her Own

It's July 31, 2010 ... the Fall 2010 Orlando Deadline is here! Don't miss the fleeting opportunity to submit your work of Creative Nonfiction, Short Fiction, Sudden Fiction, or Poetry for review and possible award of $1,000 plus publication in LA's literary gem, The Los Angeles Review. We love reading your work, and look forward to discovering fresh perspectives and talents.

Keep your poetry manuscripts coming for AROHO's second annual To the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize. Deadline: August 31, 2010. The $1,000 award will be given to one outstanding body of work by a woman, and will include publication by Red Hen Press.

2011 AROHO Discovery Retreat. A Dream of Our Own: Women Writing New, Women Writing True.
Excited yet? You should be. Marilynne Robinson and much, much more. Information and application coming soon!

PO Box 778 | Placitas, NM 87043 US

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