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22 August 2010

Last Minute Before School Traveling Rocks!

I finally saw New Orleans! I'm so excited (still!) We arrived home a few hours ago. Talk about a long sweaty drive home, mmm, tasty. New Orleans is an amazing city. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my camera--I know, dumb--regardless, I now have an idea of the New Orleans that hurricanes and negligent governing can't kill; the New Orleans that is the espirit de corps of Louisiana residents and the foundation stone of stubborn swamp dwellers. And, I got to meet New Orleans with my little sister and my girlfriend! I mean, what's more awesome than that? How about dinner in Houma with these two fabulous chicks and the older bros' families! I dig it man, can you?

Classes start tomorrow! "I'm so excited. And, I just can't hide it..." Okay, enough singing off key.

Peace and sweet dreams
So Mote It Be!

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