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05 August 2010

Oil Spill Little Black Book

Little Black Book for Emergency Oil Spill Clean Up

This is the 6th edition of the emergency responder's oil spill contact book. The website claims 2003-2010 copyright; accessed 5 Aug 2010.

Prepare yourself for a diatribe.

Can some one tell me: WTF? Some person had the foresight to put together a listing for oil spill emergency services, but the FED has no ACTION PLAN for oil spills which threaten the livelihood of multiple states? I find the FED's lack of forethought regarding future spills to be utterly unacceptable, yet, stereotypical of bureaucratic machinations long recognized as inefficient.

Of course, the conspiracy theorist in me has a few fabulous ideas about how the top five businesses in the top five industries conspire to cripple America and the globe; and, with the consent of the FED their tactics are working quite well. I could just be paranoid, but I give it five years before some flackey brings up the Amero (again). They'll say the only way out of recession is to unite North American currency, though the Euro's Grecian example will be completely ignored (supposedly forgotten).

Will we be close enough to the edge of starvation and homelessness to be willing to try a new form of currency? The FED has been preparing us for a change over (at least) since the late 1990's when the Treasury began releasing new bills and coins under the guise of fighting counterfeiters and supplying collectors with a purpose. Banks have been preparing us for a singular currency since the advent of banking, long before the creation of ATMs.

Do you suppose the push for one currency is just a stop on the way to no currency? How many movies have you seen where the depicted society uses electronic credits for purchases? Remove ATM machines and bank tellers; allow users access to online banking and online bill pay; convince retail companies to use machines to read bank cards; thus, allowing cashless transactions. The societal transition begins slowly, then picks up speed, nearly halting when recession hits, and accelerating as the FED introduces reduced rates and tax breaks for corporate welfare recipients.

What does that have to do with oil? Automakers once petitioned Congress to use petroleum oil, rather than hemp seed oil as the fuel of our nation. Henry Ford and his hemp seed fueled vehicle and refilling station were pushed to the side as propaganda and bribery by oil industry interests garnered Congressional support. With Congressional support, the Oil Industry used a deft hand to shape the nation: creating niches for automakers to create product dependent on oil; mechanics to specialize in repair of said product; and countless other industry vampires with no purpose other than to feed off of auto owners (think insurance and DMV fees). The oil industry's level of sneakiness has only improved with nearly 100 years experience in the practice of misleading (e.g., the industry-wide shift of using superglue to secure factory headlight covers
onto headlight assemblies meant DIY mechanics with busted headlights could no longer purchase the $2-3 cover, instead they had to buy the $40-$60 replacement headlight assembly. The move was a bold stroke of sneaky ninja genius that has cost DIY mechanics countless millions over the years).

With so many pockets lined in the benefits of black gold, well, let's just say it is in the interest of BP to collect the spilt oil, commercial reasons aside, BP stands the backlash of public disapproval. A thought that motivates some into alternate action, though the reality is, BP is playing the Big Oil game, and like EXXON, will bounce back mightily, so long as the world remains dependent on oil. Daily, more countries secure the oil noose around their own necks. We have acceptable, alternate, more energy efficient means of transportation available. We have had this ability since Ford petitioned Congress with his models of hemp seed oil vehicles and service stations. Yet, we import oil dependency to nations developing cross-country and cross-continent highway infrastructures. Why are we not importing the more environmentally friendly, less dangerous fuel option? Because too many pockets are lined because of the current oil dependent infrastructure. Loud voices backed by endless financal resources scream warnings of financial collapse should we transition off oil too quickly. Fear-mongering and hand-slicking offer the appearance of caution. Truth be known, the action squeezes billions more out of the middle class and the poor (in any and every nation). The process amounts to sucking the orange rind dry after squeezing every drop of the juice out of the pulp.

Once again, you ask, what does oil have to do with a change in currency? Do you not see? We already use a singular global currency--oil. What is currency? Paper and coin emblazoned with imagery of the nation's rulers, backed by the economic strength of the nation, and used in good faith by the citizenry for acquistion of consumer goods. While individual countries with cash-based systems have been tranistioning to cashless systems as evidenced with the spread of ATM/Debit Card transactions, those same countries have embraced the oil industry and brought dependency to their own countries. Transitioning is only one of a number of smaller slight-of-hand manuveurs designed to line global citizens with a singular currency. Currency can be anything, so long as the citizenry value it, and today, nothing is quite as valuable as oil.

The Oil Industry will continue to recklessly fight the transition off of oil like a cornered tiger will fight. In the end, the tranistion off oil will create a new currency based on the most promising of power delievery methods. Who knows, maybe Columbian druglords working with the CIA will be able to secure government contracts for processing hemp seed oil for sale at Mickey D's vegetable and hemp seed oil fueling stations.

(Pertinet links will be added to this blog rant. Stay tuned!)

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