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01 October 2010

Damn it, I did it, I Forgot to Save a Copy--Again

Okay, so, I'm guilty. I wrote Senator Landrieu and forgot to copy the letter before pressing send. I really need to quit doing that. Regardless, I did have a piece of the letter saved to my clipboard, so, I shall share that with ya! As always, if she writes back, I'll let you know what's up.

*Oh yeah, Louisiana, VOTE VITTER OUT on November 2.

Here's the piece I managed to retain:

"As a Navy veteran, Louisiana resident, and Lesbian voter, I know first hand the horrors of living the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" lie forced upon LGBT service members by the 1992 government miscalculation that introduced the 1993 implementation of DADT. My time in service was greatly impacted by the DADT law, and my experience was tainted by the knives of homophobia institutionalized by the very government I served. All around me were people legally allowed to talk about their loved ones. I was denied, for mention of a girlfriend would have begun the discharge proceedings. Can you imagine living in the frame of mind where you must watch your Pronouns? Where a slipped "girlfriend" could equate to the end of your career?"

Needless to say, I will make every effort to blog the entire letter...It's about time I send Rep. Fleming something, I'm sure he'll have something offensively diplomatic to say.

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