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11 October 2010

If Nothing Else, There's Always You

6 billion (+) people on this planet. That's 6 billion lives, 6 billion perspectives, 6 billion views, 6 billion opinions.
There are 365 (+/-) days in the year.
In no single day will 6 billion people be simultaneously pissed off.
In no single day will 6 billion people be simultaneously ecstatic.
In no single day will 6 billion people be simultaneously [fill in emotional verb].

Isn't it strange to know that no matter what the day brings 6 billion people will not share the experience?
Some experiences just shouldn't be shared.

Okay, you were wondering the point of this little exercise:

With that many crazy bastards running around, I harbor no delusions that animosity and long-bred hatreds might dissipate in my life time. Yet, I feel it necessary to remind folks (yes, you, you crazy bastard, and me, too):
  • We cannot "all just get along" because we're coming at social life from 6 billion perspectives and 6 billion "I am right" perspectives leave little room for discussion.
  • What we can do? Tend our own gardens, mind our own business, and leave other people the hell alone.
Of course, we can always continue on:
perpetuating the cycle,
invading each others' lives,
criminalizing harmlessness,
breeding contempt,
creating superiority and inferiority complexes
vying as sheep within military-industrial complexes,
getting technologically intelligent and
common sense stupid.

I tell you, it's not up to me and it is not up to you; it is up to 6 billion of us. But, it starts with two.

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