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Attempting to control the hearts and souls of the masses through force and injustice only forces the seeds of dissension to grow. History has taught this lesson repeatedly. Perhaps, we'll learn the lesson this time.

24 November 2010

Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond, Louisiana

Okay, so I finally got to go to my first Ren-Fest. I see the beginning of a bright a burgeoning future (um, past?). Oh, and let's be honest, the company one keeps directly influences the outcome of the good-time clock. I now have in my possession one blue Robin Hood-esque hat equipped with a bright green pimp feather. That's right folks, I've got my first piece of Ren-wear. How I've thought of this moment. (I'm such a ren-dork. That's okay, you keep coming back, makes me think within you may lie the heart of ren-dorkiness or, are you a ren-dork advocate?) I now harbor memories of primitive living with three awesome women, campfire cooking, and "That season we were loaded with pizazz. Earrings of fuchsia and peach. Mind you, peach. And hats. Hats, hats, hats. Hats for career girls. How I adored Paris." Oh, you know the lines. If you don't know it from To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Numar, then you might know it from "D.V The Autobiography of Diana Vreeland." If you don't know it, well, that's cool too, cause I only know it from To Wong Fu, just saying.

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