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11 November 2010

Revver.com Inaccessible

Hey All,

It just came to my attention that Revver.com is not accessible. Wikipedia says that the website was purchased in 2008 and apparently they haven't been making payments to content submitters. I have three videos on Revver.com, the link in my CV section will take you to a blank page. When and if they come back online, I'll let you know. The last thing on the Wiki article mentions business suspension in California (legal troubles?)

One of my professors asked me why I want to learn the fine arts of website creation, maintenance, and design. I told him that I fear losing material because websites go bunk; and if websites go bunk, it stands to reason that hosting sites may also go bunk; and if hosting sites go bunk it stands to reason that I would be better off hosting, creating, and designing my own website. Although, it would also stand to reason that my electric bill would rise, my air conditioning costs would rise, and my computer would really need an upgrade.

It's a life lesson we all can do with remembering: if you want it done right, do it yourself.

***UPDATE 11/24/2010***
Revver.com was accessible again the day after this blog was posted. Apparently there's been a little touch and go. Who knows, guess it was Gremlins in the Ether.

***UPDATE 08/14/2011***
Revver.com is once again inaccessible. However, I found a website that pings their pages to verify the connection: WebsiteNotWorking.com/revver.com. This site also has a section for the user to input other websites...it is a useful resource!

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