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06 December 2010

Centenary "Dead Week" (1 AM, Again, And I'm Still Awake)

According to my fellow students and teachers, we have now reached "Dead Week". That infamous week before Finals when the majority of college-goers walk around like zombies. This semester hasn't been easy. Interestingly, not a single semester has had the honor of ranking in the easy category. It's funny because the majority of the conflicts that have arisen have been outside the realm of college.

Since I began taking classes at Centenary (2008), I've known twenty-one people who have died. None have died from serving on either of the war fronts and there is not a bubonic plague making its way through Louisiana. A few died from unknown causes, others from heart failure, most recently, my grandfather (cancer). I hope he enjoyed his life for I didn't know him well. Such is the way of life. Regardless, I do love him, he's my grandfather.

On another note, I promise you this much, I am not going for a record. My girlfriend, Jen, insists that I know too many people (this is very well possible), I'm friendly and I spent seven years working in the casino industry. That also means I know people from all walks of life and of various ages. I've been walking around in a daze since Larry P. died of cancer in September of '08. He started a chain of deaths that has averaged five per semester. I still haven't grieved for all the people I've lost in these last few years, and now, my grandfather. And, it's "Dead Week". What kind of sick irony is that?

Update (Make that 22):
22 January 2011 (Rest in Peace: Ms. Faye)

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