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10 December 2010

Rock on Google Analytics! How I love Stats! Announcing Stats Poetry Challenge

Okay, so, maybe I'm a little kid in more than just heart. I'd say, I've been lucky to maintain some generous helpings of my little kid style thinking. I'm well into years: I've knocked a dent into adulthood you could say. Of course, I'm not a little kid, but when I tell you that I giggled with childish glee, please know it came from the heart.

To the eight views from Burundi and Slovenia: I don't know if you're one person who came back repeatedly, or if your eight different people who stumbled onto my page. Regardless, do you know how cool it is that you've found my site? Actually, anyone reading this, do you know how cool it is that you are? There are incredible numbers of websites popping up every day. People all around the globe (myself included) are slowly gaining access to the finest communication apparatus the world has yet known, and they're adding their voice to the etherized cacophony. And, somehow in this ginormous electric web, some people in Burundi and Slovenia have landed on my site and looked through it or left quickly (depending on the parameters of their internet mission). But, they were here! As the little kid in The Incredibles says, "That was totally wicked!"

To the thirty-eight views from Russia: I think it important for you to know that in the international analytical stats you are leading. By the way, renroom.ru has been the entrance link most used. Do any of you know and care to share what the renroom site is for? It looks like a finder for apartments or other living arrangements. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to learn Russian and the site is in an alphabet (Cyrillic) to which I know diddly squat. If it is any consolation, Russian is on my linguistic bucket list. (In addition to my native American--English--I'm currently working on Latin, Hebrew, and Haitian Creole).

To everyone whose country was not directly mentioned: You are not being left out! I am incredibly amazed that each and everyone of you have some how found these pages. It's so groovy that this possibility exists.

Google Analytical Stats for finleyexperience.blogspot.com

Russia 38
Canada 20
Germany 14
Denmark 14
China 10
Burundi 8
Slovenia 8
United Kingdom 7
Poland 7

Stats Poetry Challenge
I've been on blogger.com since 2008, the analytics option only became available in May 2010. For the sake of a self poetry challenge, I'm paying close attention to the international viewer stats. When May 31 of 2011 rolls around I will post the year's winner. That country will become the subject of my poetry for the month of June.

What this means:
I will research the winning country, then compose poetry about my findings. Once I've announced the winner, I will welcome insights and suggestions from viewers with knowledge about the winning country. Should this poetry challenge be happily received by viewers and prove as interesting and as fun as I believe, then we'll do it again next year.

Well, that's it for now. I've got three papers, a logo w/standards manual and regular ole studying for finals.


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