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01 December 2010

Seriously Funny Man Denis Leary and a MySpace Friend Request

You know how the last email said "I just checked my email and..." well, this time I'll let emails speak for themselves. I am amused, very amused. Thanks Denis Leary's social media person, or Denis Leary.


How many celebrities maintain their own social media? I'd really like to know. Should I assume every famous name has someone monitoring their computer status? Or, do you think they might have the desire (like people from this century) to surf the internet? Perhaps, add profiles, check out music, watch videos, laugh at stupid pet tricks by youtube freaks? You know, do a little cyber cruising?

(Note: I removed the ACCEPT/IGNORE button, because, let's face it, I haven't decided yet. I've been too busy writing this blog and doing my homework. Oh, what am I talking about, of course I'm going to friend Denis Leary. His myspace status claims his "dick is not orange." And, I do have a favorite Denis Leary movie line. You'll have to guess what it is. Mwuhahahahaha-ha-ha).

I feel like Pinky. Any minute now Brain is going to take over the world...and I get to watch.

Here it is:
Hey Monique,

Denis Leary friended you on Myspace.

Get exclusive content, contests and updates! Check out 
my new book “Suck On This Year,” out Dec. 2. And by “book,” 
I mean comedy pamphlet.

Okay, perhaps you noticed the funky thing under the myspace logo (BTW, I don't like their new logo)...well, it is late, I've been up for hours. I'm going to bed. I'll try to fix it later, 'cause nothing I'm doing is working right now. Good night, folks. Night Denis Leary, Matthew McConaughey, The Black Eyed Peas, Human Rights Campaign. Good night family and friends. Good night me!

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