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29 January 2011

Protests in Egypt, Senator Susan Collins and the Internet "Kill Switch" Bill

Click link to read Wired.com's article about the "kill switch" bill, this article also includes links to an open opposition letter as well as a counter letter from the senators supporting the bill.

Petition links coming soon, because I know we're all going to want to petition legislation that threatens freedom of speech by giving the president the ability to shut down the "critical infrastructure," you know, the internet connects a lot of people, institutions, and organizations.

Al Jazeera article about the protests in Egypt.

As the example in Egypt shows, one person with the ability to order the internet off, is a bad idea. However bad that idea, we have the opportunity to prepare for most eventualities and Wired.com is definitely helping with those preparations by offering a how-to wiki titled, "Communicate if Your Government Shuts Off Your Internet".  

24 January 2011

UN cont

Google Scholar list of links related to UN exclusion of sexual orientation.
Monique Finley

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11 January 2011

UN Draft Resolution Removing "Sexual Orientation" (continued)

Because of the above news release, I sent the following letter to the United Nations, only the website said I entered more than 200 characters. This isn't twitter. This is a citizen of the world, writing a complaint. So, the letter I tried to send:

To whom it may concern:

The removal of "sexual orientation" from the "draft resolution on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions" directly violates the very heart of international peace and human rights. The act of removing "sexual orientation" from the protective warning acts like a green light to murder for nations like Uganda (a country which recently legalized the homosexual death penalty).

The UN website says: "Welcome to the United Nations. It's your world." That statement is correct. I live on this planet too. I am a lesbian, a United States Navy veteran, a gay rights activist, a blogger, and a college student. I've lived a hard life, but nothing that compares to the betrayal the Ugandan homosexuals have undergone, first by their own country; then, by the United Nations.

Only two corrective measure are appropriate: 1) the wording "sexual orientation" to be included in the "draft resolution on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions"--again. In addition, peaceful measures must be taken to ensure the anti-homosexual actions in Uganda are stopped.

If I may, what is being done by the United Nations to protect the lives of homosexuals?

Monique Finley

What I was able to send:
What is being done to stop the murder of homosexuals? Removing "sexual orientation" from the "draft resolution on extrajudicial...executions" directly violates peace and gives a green light to murder.
What is being done to stop the murder of homosexuals? Removing "sexual orientation" from the "draft resolution on extrajudicial...executions" directly violates peace and gives a green light to murder. 

It occurs to me now, that I may have sent that email to the wrong department at the UN. In the future, I will address questions and comments to: inquiries2@un.org.

Horrendous News For Homosexuals: The UN Removed Protective Wording "Sexual Orientation" from Draft Resolution Concerning Extrajudicial Executions

Our dear Ugandan homosexual family has just had their teeth kicked in by the international community (UN)! First, they get the death sentence, then the UN removes the very wording that would offer some thread, some pinpoint of hope to those sentenced to die for loving some one of the same sex.

The following link will take you to the UN document I speak of, it's clearly represented as some trade off. What on earth could the UN gain from the deaths of Ugandan homosexuals? Does it matter what the UN might gain? Is not the murder of innocents criminal? Read the document.


I found out about this through the following blog: http://blog.outtakeonline.com/

09 January 2011

Honorary Consul Dr. Dana Kress, Way To Go Man!

This is so cool! My fiance and I are learning Haitian Creole from Dr. Kress. I meant to edit and publish this some time ago. But, the realities of my semester responsibilities prevent much. The links are about French Ambassador Vimont and the investiture of Honorary Consul to France on Dr. Dana Kress. I was invited and attended the ceremony with my family. I think it was incredible to watch, unfortunately, I couldn't listen this was due to the low volume of the speakers and the high volume of the attendees. One news woman from the Shreveport Times was especially disrespectful considering she should have been listening to the accolades, rather than chatting loudly near the hors d'oeuvres banging silverware and plate.  It was a really amazing week. The next day I was deep into a car engine, all greasy, it was great. Go figure.

If you get the chance hit the links and learn a little something about the relationship between France and Louisiana.

Honorary Consul Dr. Dana Kress

Ambassador Pierre Vimont visits

Ambassador's biography

Consul Général Olivier Brochenin

Honorary Consul Mr. Christian Goudeaux

Centenary News announcing Dr. Kress' Honorary Consulship

Amazing Latin Text Resources





The people who have participated in various online projects designed to make Classics texts available are modern intellectual heroes. By maintaining contact with the collective histories of the world we gain much insight into the peoples we have become. Furthermore, future generations will be able to participate in the centuries of dialogue that provoke serious thought and debate concerning the health and well being of humans as a collective species. My serious appreciation is sent out to all those dedicated to uniting modern communication technologies with handwritten classics passed down through the ages.

08 January 2011

Update of Change.org Bill James Censure Petition and Chic-Fil-A Petition

Alright, I can admit it, I fell behind on checking emails. I do have a great excuse, I haven't turned the computer on in three days. My ass has been grinding in Ancient Rome, trying to read between the lines and find that nugget that Woolf so desperately sought in that library way back when. It is right there just waiting for me to grasp it, or so it seems. I keep digging. I feel like a linguistic archeologist's apprentice digging around for the first time, partially blinded by excitement and nerves.

Anyway, the following is the second email I received concerning Bill James' anti-homosexual comments.



Victory in NC! Now stop Chick-fil-A from sponsoring homophobia

Dear Monique,

Because of you, we just scored an important victory for equality and now we’re going to win another.

After 28,024 Change.org members flooded the email accounts of Mecklenburg County Commissioners in North Carolina, they passed a strong resolution late last night condemning anti-gay bias and affirming diversity and inclusion. This controversial resolution passed after Commissioner Bill James used his office to call gay people "sexual predators" and homosexuality a "crime against nature."

With battles like this brewing across the country from city councils to corporate America, we’ve got to keep up the fight against homophobia. Check out the story below and help win again by taking action now.


Remember the backlash against Target last year for bankrolling strongly anti-gay politicians? Apparently, the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain wasn’t paying attention.

Chick-fil-A is known as one of the fastest growing fast-food companies in the country. But it turns out the restaurant is serving up far more than just chicken sandwiches. Chick-fil-A has joined with the Pennsylvania Family Institute to sponsor a February event aimed at preserving "biblical" marriage and denouncing marriage equality for same-sex couples.

The Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) has been the leading voice in the Keystone State against same-sex marriage. They have argued for a constitutional amendment banning gay couples from getting married. They’ve said that same-sex couples harm civilization. They’ve even stated that for same-sex couples to consider themselves married would be like a dog considering its tail a leg.

And now Chick-fil-A wants to throw their corporate support behind this homophobic organization? Not on our watch.

Please join Change.org members now in demanding that Chick-fil-A pull their sponsorship from this anti-gay event immediately. Just click here to sign the urgent petition.

It’s not the first time that Chick-fil-A has been connected to anti-gay groups. In years past, the business also partnered with Focus on the Family, the Colorado ministry founded by Rev. James Dobson. Focus on the Family labels homosexuality a disorder, supports "conversion therapy" for LGBT people, and once said that same-sex marriage would be a bigger disaster than Pearl Harbor.

As one of Focus on the Family’s state affiliates, the Pennsylvania Family Institute is attempting to pass a constitutional amendment in the state banning same-sex marriage. Chick-fil-A’s endorsement of PFI’s event legitimizes their campaign and threatens the civil rights of every LGBT person in Pennsylvania -- and across America.

It’s time to get Chick-fil-A on record. Are they interested in being a fast-food restaurant that serves all Americans, or partnering with and catering to some of the most radical anti-gay groups in the U.S.?

Send Chick-fil-A a strong message that homophobia is not acceptable. Period. Add your name to the petition telling Chick-fil-A to stop sponsoring this anti-gay event immediately:


With your help, Chick-fil-A will realize that they should value all of their customers, including their LGBT customers and straight allies for gay rights. Together, we’ll win again.

- Eden and the Change.org team

P.S. I just started at Change.org as Director of Organizing for Gay Rights and I’m really fired up that we won a big victory together on my first day. I'm excited to join you and more than 1 million other Change.org community members focused on equality and 11 other critical causes -- from the environment to education. If you’d like to get in touch with me, shoot me an email at Eden.James@change.org.

Change.org Petition for Censure of "Bill James, a County Commissioner in Mecklenburg, North Carlolina"

Hey all,
Here's the latest letter from change.org asking for petition signers who support censuring a county commissioner in North Carolina who has accused homosexuals of being "sexual predators." When examining the quotation from Bill James, it becomes clear, that he has used his office to propagandize anti-homosexual sentiment. If Bill James had expressed his personal view, then he would have been expressing his first amendment right to free speech. However, the as a representative of government (regardless the level), he's obligated to politically correct speech. Besides, let's admit the truth, homosexuals are not sexual predators. In fact, the majority of sexual predators are self-identified heterosexuals. However, I do not think we should illegalize heterosexuality simply because they are statistically more likely to be sexual predators; rather, we should punish sexual predators for their crimes. More importantly, we must stop discriminating against people who are not heterosexual. Failure to proscribe to the "one man-one woman" fundamentalist equation is not grounds for accusation of predatory status. Furthermore, multiple studies have shown repeatedly that open homosexuality does not harm military readiness. So: read the letter, follow the link at the end, and shazam there rests the petition! Just sign it and press the send button.


Dear Monique,
While most Americans celebrated the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Bill James, a County Commissioner in Mecklenburg, North Carolina, used it as an opportunity to bash LGBT people.

“Homosexuals are sexual predators,” James wrote. “Allowing homosexuals to serve in the U.S. military with the endorsement of the Mecklenburg County Commission ignores a host of serious problems related to maintaining U.S. military readiness and effectiveness, not the least of which is the current Democrat plan to allow homosexuals (male and female) to share showers with those they are attracted to.”

It’s not the first time Commissioner James has used his spot on the County Board to promote anti-gay bigotry.  During debate over a domestic partnership bill, Commissioner James called homosexuality a “crime against nature” that should be prosecuted by police.

And last year, Commissioner James turned to a colleague whose son died from complications from AIDS, and called the son “a homo.” He then compared homosexuality to alcoholism, and argued that all gay people bring AIDS on themselves.

We can’t let this kind of hate speech by public officials go unanswered – and we have a chance in the next few days to do something about it.

Right now, the rest of the county commission is publicly debating whether to censure James. Condemnation by the commission would send a strong signal that bigotry by elected officers holds no place in our society.

Thousands of people from Mecklenburg and around the country already speaking out. Join them by signing the petition to the Mecklenburg County Board and tell them to censure James for his anti-gay attacks:

Thanks for taking action,

The Change.org team

03 January 2011

Aeroscraft: Check out the Next Generation of Aero-Awesomeness

Now, if this isn't the grooviest thing! Seriously folks, check out the link for the Aeroscraft. This thing hangs out at about 10,000 ft., has vertical take-off capabilities, and can cruise in the air for a freaking month. In 2006, when I first stumbled on to this company they were marketing the prototype (I think).

Here's the wikipedia link: Wikipedia: Aeroscraft.

I'm telling ya'll the potential for this thing is just stupid awesome.

01 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

It is a new year. The last one was crammed full of good shit and bad shit. I have to say, I'm glad that one's done and we're on with the next one. A lot happened for us all. And, a lot more waits to happen. I always wonder at what one year can contain. So much can happen in mere seconds, so much that the conglomeration that is a year worth of seconds brims, boils, and recedes emotion and reaction. Myriad realities mingle globally and what have we to show for it? The same ups and downs of all human existence. Perhaps we have yet to learn that is is not our environment that must change, but ourselves. 2011 presents us with another opportunity, with luck, it won't be wasted.

Monique Finley

Some Nights by FUN

(*Please Note: We the People of the United States of America are citizens of a Constitutional Republic, a.k.a. The Republic. We are not a direct democracy like some believe. By the Constitution, we are a Representative Democracy. We elect representation to defend the Constitution and the People. We placed our faith with government in the people, not in monarchs, not in career politicians, but in the People.

You want changes? Then, it is time for you to take an active interest in the good of the Republic. Do not leave governance to career politicians. Run for office. Vote for third, fourth, and fifth parties.)

This November vote them all out!
Clean Out Congress or Bust!

Take Me to Church by Hozier

* 26 JUNE 2015 * LGBT Rights Victory *
read the Supreme Court's opinion:


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