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08 January 2011

Change.org Petition for Censure of "Bill James, a County Commissioner in Mecklenburg, North Carlolina"

Hey all,
Here's the latest letter from change.org asking for petition signers who support censuring a county commissioner in North Carolina who has accused homosexuals of being "sexual predators." When examining the quotation from Bill James, it becomes clear, that he has used his office to propagandize anti-homosexual sentiment. If Bill James had expressed his personal view, then he would have been expressing his first amendment right to free speech. However, the as a representative of government (regardless the level), he's obligated to politically correct speech. Besides, let's admit the truth, homosexuals are not sexual predators. In fact, the majority of sexual predators are self-identified heterosexuals. However, I do not think we should illegalize heterosexuality simply because they are statistically more likely to be sexual predators; rather, we should punish sexual predators for their crimes. More importantly, we must stop discriminating against people who are not heterosexual. Failure to proscribe to the "one man-one woman" fundamentalist equation is not grounds for accusation of predatory status. Furthermore, multiple studies have shown repeatedly that open homosexuality does not harm military readiness. So: read the letter, follow the link at the end, and shazam there rests the petition! Just sign it and press the send button.


Dear Monique,
While most Americans celebrated the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Bill James, a County Commissioner in Mecklenburg, North Carolina, used it as an opportunity to bash LGBT people.

“Homosexuals are sexual predators,” James wrote. “Allowing homosexuals to serve in the U.S. military with the endorsement of the Mecklenburg County Commission ignores a host of serious problems related to maintaining U.S. military readiness and effectiveness, not the least of which is the current Democrat plan to allow homosexuals (male and female) to share showers with those they are attracted to.”

It’s not the first time Commissioner James has used his spot on the County Board to promote anti-gay bigotry.  During debate over a domestic partnership bill, Commissioner James called homosexuality a “crime against nature” that should be prosecuted by police.

And last year, Commissioner James turned to a colleague whose son died from complications from AIDS, and called the son “a homo.” He then compared homosexuality to alcoholism, and argued that all gay people bring AIDS on themselves.

We can’t let this kind of hate speech by public officials go unanswered – and we have a chance in the next few days to do something about it.

Right now, the rest of the county commission is publicly debating whether to censure James. Condemnation by the commission would send a strong signal that bigotry by elected officers holds no place in our society.

Thousands of people from Mecklenburg and around the country already speaking out. Join them by signing the petition to the Mecklenburg County Board and tell them to censure James for his anti-gay attacks:

Thanks for taking action,

The Change.org team

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