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09 January 2011

Honorary Consul Dr. Dana Kress, Way To Go Man!

This is so cool! My fiance and I are learning Haitian Creole from Dr. Kress. I meant to edit and publish this some time ago. But, the realities of my semester responsibilities prevent much. The links are about French Ambassador Vimont and the investiture of Honorary Consul to France on Dr. Dana Kress. I was invited and attended the ceremony with my family. I think it was incredible to watch, unfortunately, I couldn't listen this was due to the low volume of the speakers and the high volume of the attendees. One news woman from the Shreveport Times was especially disrespectful considering she should have been listening to the accolades, rather than chatting loudly near the hors d'oeuvres banging silverware and plate.  It was a really amazing week. The next day I was deep into a car engine, all greasy, it was great. Go figure.

If you get the chance hit the links and learn a little something about the relationship between France and Louisiana.

Honorary Consul Dr. Dana Kress

Ambassador Pierre Vimont visits

Ambassador's biography

Consul Général Olivier Brochenin

Honorary Consul Mr. Christian Goudeaux

Centenary News announcing Dr. Kress' Honorary Consulship

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