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15 March 2011

Japan Earthquake

I have a friend I believe to be living near Tokyo. Her name is Reiko (pronounced Leiko) Muller. I was unable to get her contact information before I stopped working at Horseshoe. I'm putting the word out, so if anyone knows her, please contact me through this blog, just leave a comment.

Google and some students from Boston have created a people finder app to help locate people who may be or are missing in Japan. Japan Earthquake People Finder app. (Thanks to Monyunna for sending me the link).

More information will be posted. However, it is 2:22am and I still have a little ways to go before I'm finished with the midterm that is due tomorrow at 2pm and my first class is at 9:45am. So, while I hate to say anything negative about education, my midterm dims greatly in comparison to what the brave Japanese people have endured and will endure in the months and years to come.

I am very worried about Reiko  and her family. I have no idea how close they live to the epicenter or the nuclear reactors.

You and all your family are in my thoughts and heart!

Monique Finley

*Update (5 April 2011): The message I posted has disappeared from the Google App mentioned above, I'm not sure who has the option of deleting a message or why anyone would delete it. You can also use the ICRC's missing person list.
**(17 April 2011): The message has returned. No word on Reiko, I've combed too many videos, pictures, my heart to you Japan!
***(14 August 2011): I received a message via FaceBook that Reiko is alive and well! To everyone who attempted to find her, thank you for your efforts! My heart goes out to everyone who is still looking for family and friends. Good Luck in your endeavours!

11 March 2011

David Kato Remembered in NY

Human Rights Campaign article about New York remembrance of David Kato, murdered Ugandan gay rights activist.

Our hearts mourn the loss of David Kato. And, our fists clench in anger. We must work together to stop this senseless violence against homosexuals in Uganda and across the globe.

UPDATE 13 November 2011
David Kato's murderer sentenced to 30 years. No public trial, but very serious sentence!

Some Nights by FUN

(*Please Note: We the People of the United States of America are citizens of a Constitutional Republic, a.k.a. The Republic. We are not a direct democracy like some believe. By the Constitution, we are a Representative Democracy. We elect representation to defend the Constitution and the People. We placed our faith with government in the people, not in monarchs, not in career politicians, but in the People.

You want changes? Then, it is time for you to take an active interest in the good of the Republic. Do not leave governance to career politicians. Run for office. Vote for third, fourth, and fifth parties.)

This November vote them all out!
Clean Out Congress or Bust!

Take Me to Church by Hozier

* 26 JUNE 2015 * LGBT Rights Victory *
read the Supreme Court's opinion:


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