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08 November 2011

H.R. 313: New Attack on People: "Criminal Conspiracy" for Planning a Trip to Country Where Marijuana is Legal?


Have you ever spoken to someone else about using marijuana in a country or state where marijuana use is legal?

Answered yes to that question?

You plan to go? You plan to abide by the laws of two different countries or states? You even willing to leave your own country at high expense in order to abide by two different nation's laws on marijuana usage? And, now you've engaged someone else in your plan to use marijuana: you've told your friend(s) about a country where it is legal?

"Criminal Conspiracy" - conspiring to use marijuana! Shazam! Take that you law-abiding citizen! Shame on you for speaking about abiding the laws and using marijuana in a country where it is legal. Shame on you for respecting your country's laws and another country's laws on marijuana. Your country said, "no marijuana" and another country said, "marijuana okay." And, you spoke about going. You conspired. You are a criminal!

If HR 313 (2011) passes then the scenario above (two people speaking about potential legal marijuana use) would become a criminal act. The authorities (DEA, ATF, etc.) could legally charge you with "criminal conspiracy" because you conversed about a desire to use marijuana in a country where it was legal. This bill is part of the Controlled Substance Act.

Sign the petition to get President Obama to speak about HR 313 and the assault of Free Speech. Tell him to VETO if it makes it to his desk! Tell Obama: Defend the 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech! Tell Obama: Talking about abiding marijuana laws is not criminal!


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