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24 August 2012

Ever Hear of Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity"?


Rhetoric is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting aspects to politics and to language. Every society that engages in debate will recognize a number of universal tactics. All types of rhetorical tactics are available to sway a reader, some attract, others repel. The emotional appeal is common among politicians, juveniles, and anyone not ashamed of pulling a guilt trip. The appeal to reason is common among followers of logic, practicality, and know-it-alls showing off their mental prowess. As you may guess, I like to employ both, depending on the subject matter. Many other rhetorical tactics exist, but they're outside the scope of this blog post; I'm sure if one were to google "rhetorical tactics" a plethora of information would appear on their browser. I mention the emotional appeal and the appeal to reason on account of Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity.

Perhaps you've heard of it? I hadn't. However, I thought it would be good to do a little checking on mister vice-presidential hopeful Rep. Paul Ryan. And, that's when I stumbled upon his budget proposal. I thought, let's see what this Wisconsin Congressman has to say about fixing the budget. I began to read the web .pdf (see link above). He opens each section with an emotional appeal thinly disguised as an appeal to reason. It's amazing to read each section as if it were created from a template.

Step 1: Historio-emotional appeal using "American traditional values" (over the last 30 years...);
Step 2: Numerical facts as an appeal to logic; thinly veiled emotional appeal to "incomprehensible numbers"  (ie. $554 Billion; $15 Trillion);
Step 3: "Problem" reiteration as obvious solution and appeal to reason  (emotional transference, finger-pointing game; blame problem then remove current "solution");
Step 4: "Problem" reiteration infused with pro-tradition commentary (read as "nostalgia for Golden Era") as closing appeal.

New section? No problem...Rinse and repeat. Go ahead, scroll down through Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity.  What patterns do you discern in each section?

His every "solution" would take away from those without, while doing nothing to actually address the budget crisis.

You want to address the budget? Start charging corporations and the wealthy their fair share in taxes. Income earnings are earnings whether you worked 80 hrs or bought the right stocks. Quit giving outrageous chunks of taxpayer money to corporations that have more wealth than multiple governments combined, they don't fucking need money -  they already have it. Scrap medicaid? How about all congressional employees including the president get on medicaid and then cut the congressional healthcare coverage (an expensive and redundant program)? Oh, and  rather than paying these congress people whatever they choose to pay themselves, how about we reduce their pay to the minimum wage in their home states? Save taxpayers countless billions over the lifetime of the Republic. Besides, if it's good enough for the American people, it is good enough for our leaders, who are part of and servants to US.

Speaking of saving the Republic money over its lifetime, how about we scrap the lifetime pay benefits accrued through service in congress? One term in congress and the paychecks roll on. Wait, what? Yes, one term and the pay checks keep coming. Let's put a stop to that. Additionally, congressional welfare recipients ought to be drug tested before, during, and after taking office, pop positive and lose all benefits. Life-time secret service for ex-congress? Why? They know American secrets? They could be used as tools for terrorists? Why not put them in witness protection and save tax payers the money? No one is kidnapping Bob Dole, waiter.

Besides, if its good enough for the average person hiding from the mafia, it's good enough to hide a few congress people from potential terrorists. If they want to stay in the lime-light after office, they can hire body guards as a tax deductible business expense given their decision to chase fame is a business choice. The American people shouldn't be required to take fiscal responsibility for congressional people desiring the spotlight.

Public servants caught embezzling, misappropriating, or otherwise stealing from the American treasury ought to be whipped on the steps of the Jefferson monument then sent to prison...actual maximum security prison and not minimum security resort prison. In prison, they would then lose all the benefits of having served in congress and gain all the benefits of a felon serving 10-20 for defrauding the American people. Let us not forget the benefits of Bubba - just tell him the congress person molested young America and watch what happens.

We'd be doing far better for our country to hold these traitors to the standards they set for us, than we would be to listen to any more of their fiscal plans. Ryan's budget plan reads like the road to map to hell as dictated by that electronic chick GPS voice that takes us down every construction bottleneck in the country. Want to extend the years we feel the pains of this first global depression of the 21st century? Then vote for Romney and Ryan and let them enact this medieval plan. Like Chicken Little, you'll all be screaming, "The sky is falling!" while ducking under your cardboard boxes and kissing your chubby yet malnourished asses goodbye.

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