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15 April 2013

Reality TV: C-SPAN Senate Hearings

The Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee Hearing
"Outsourcing Accountability? Examining the Role of Independent Consultants"

Sen. Brown
Sen. Warren
Special appearance by: Sen. Reed

Guest Starring:
Panel 1: Mr. Stipano, Mr. Ashton
Panel 2: Mr. Alt, Mr. Flanagan, Mr. Ryan

Filmed: Thursday, 11 April 2013
Live Streamed: 10 AM - 12 PM

***If nothing else, cue to 2:27:11. After Sen. Brown thanks Mr. Alt, Sen. Warren goes to bat. Watch it to the end, then ask yourself: WTF?***

How many Senators are on the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee?

Where were the other Senators?

How many Senators were present for the entire hearing?
2 (see above)

What does it tell you when 19-20 Senators find some where else more important than the hearing where their commmittee quesions the banking regulators and the independent consultants that oversaw the audits of the felonious finacial institutions that collapsed the economy?

That's FUCKED! That's what it tells me. That's 19-20 Senators that ought to look for new jobs next election cycle. The foreclosure crisis unlawfully forced American families onto the streets. Banks illegally used police forces across the nation to evict people out of their homes. Once the people were homeless, cities across the nation began evicting the homeless from encampments. The police frequently use bulldozers to demolish encampments. So, after these people lost their houses, they also lost their tents and the last few possessions they might have had therein.

This little Senate hearing hasn't even begun to breach the truth of the problem. Our legal system has been hijacked by banks for banks. You see, banks have the money to hire lawyers average individuals cannot afford. Interestingly enough, after awhile, lawyers and bankers go into politics where they help to craft laws to benefit their friends. Average individuals do not usually get into politics, there have been exceptions.

If you like this episode, stay tuned.

(UPDATE: Can't wait for the next episode? Catch reruns at http://www.capitolhearings.org/. Not sure which committees to watch? Here's a link to the Senate site that shows members of each committee. For a quick place to start, just pick the committee with your state's officials, then go to the capitol hearings site to click on the committee. Browse, find a hearing, watch it, play it in the background while you do other things, like, your spring cleaning. It's the best Reality TV show, 'cause it deals with our lives in real life situations. Unlike most "reality tv" that consists of man-made obstacles courses and humiliation...oh, wait, nevermind. You'll definitely find a plethora of both in these Congressional hearings.)

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