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Attempting to control the hearts and souls of the masses through force and injustice only forces the seeds of dissension to grow. History has taught this lesson repeatedly. Perhaps, we'll learn the lesson this time.

19 May 2014

Poem: Rectifying War Blues

Rectifying War Blues

Troubled pasts
now passed trouble.
War. She cried.

For why? Power.
No war lost laboring for
unnecessary loves.

(I beg to differ: ask Paris
about Helen of Troy).

Rubbled lasts
now lasted rubble.
War. They died.

Why for? Power.
No love lost laboring for
unnecessary wars.

(I beg to differ: ask Snowden
about PRISM of NSA).

~Monique Finley
14 May 2014


This one is for all of you...For all the soldiers, the seperatists, the federalists, the statists, the globalists, for all the war mongers, the anti-war activists, and for all the neutrals (those dear hearts caught in between).

Stay safe or as safe as you can given it is a big, scary, yet, dangerously beautiful world out there. Some times people die for causes, some times they die for governments, some times they die in vain.

War, like the tango, requires (at least) two. That's two sides, two versions, two visions, and two blood-skewed perspectives. How do we rectify humanity's predilection for war? With hate or with love? I think you know the answer.

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