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07 June 2014

A Poem for Ukraine, Winners of the 4th Annual Finley Experience International Views Contest

Hi all! 

Here's the first poem for Ukraine, this year's first place winner of the 4th Annual Finley Experience International Views contest. Considering the serious and bloody situation in the Ukraine, I thought war might be the appropriate subject of this first poem.

On Civil War



Know ye not that death comes 
with war? What is this urge that drives 
the bella machina? A pastime once played 
by RPGing kings, later assimilated into the 
infrastructure of the military-industrial 
complex. Age, gender, these 
matter not when 



your inner 

I know not what to do to save any of us from the thick 
pools of red trickling down these shell-shocked streets.

June 2014 © Monique Finley

Pax et Poema.

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