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28 July 2014

Congrats to the Winners of the Golden Crown Literary Society's 2014 Awards

Click the link to see the 2014 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards winners. Congrats to all!

Are you a lesbian? Do you love literature? Do you love lesbian literature? Yeah. Me, too. Guess what? So, too, the GCLS and her attendees. WOW. Lesbian bibliophiles are amazing to behold. They exist. Just in case you felt alone out there. You're not. There are others. They are lesbian biliophiles, too, and they rock.

I met so many wonderful people and had great experiences and encounters with many new friends. I was shocked and awed to even be present for I did not think I'd be able to attend. By the grace of loving benefactors, I was able to go. And, what a marvelous event it was. I'm so jazzed, right now. :D

My heart felt thanks to Beth Mitchum, the GCLS, and my loving benefactors. You are all wonderful people that I am blessed to know.

I was honored that The Finley Human Experience was nominated for a Goldie Award for Poetry. I am humbled that The Finley Human Experience won a Goldie Award (click the link to watch the poetry acceptance speeches).

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