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01 January 2015

Global Conflict Discussion (Part 0): Introduction

X Discussion Points
0 - introduction
1 - wars/disasters destroy
2 - disaster/future prep
3 - scientific process
4 - trickle down hoarders
5 - austerity & great recession
6 - 21st century class system
7 - greedy kids = greedy adults

8 - no justice, just retribution
9 - pointless abstract war

0.) Introduction to Global Conflict Discussions (GCD)

Our world is interconnected. We impact and influence eachother in positive and negative ways. We, as a species, cannot afford to ignore the facts of global conflict and the truths of war, terrorism, and the not-so-innocent peoples caught in the crossfire. I've chosen nine topics for this series of Global Conflict Discussions (see the link list at the start of each article); considering the current worldwide situation, I could have chosen any number of related topics.

Through each topic I hope to walk through the murk and mire, to boogie in the swamp, and to light up the bogs; in other words, I hope to illuminate the dark, dank recesses of my own ignorance. You see, I am ignorant. Not so ignorant as some, ignorant nonetheless. If you're confused by my confession of ignorance, then you might not realize that the upcoming articles are opinion pieces. I found that expressing opinions frequently exposes ignorance, so, I'm betting that my own ignorance(s) will be exposed over the course of these opinionated articles.

In GCD1 (short-titled "wars/disasters destroy"), I discuss a different conceptualization of global conflict and define a few terms. In GCD2, I remark on the value of SHTF preppers. GCD3 contains a discussion of the scientific process as a start to solving the world's problems. GCD4 highlights the disturbing truth of trickle down economics when the elite hoard profits. GCD5 questions the motives of politicians and their rallying cry, "yes to austerity." GCD6 explains how the 21st Century internet class system subverted a class system that predates agrian societies. GCD7 discusses childhood actions and adult consequences. In GCD8, I continue with the the childhood analogy to discuss playground retribution. Finally, GCD9 finishes off the playground analogy by comparing the pointlessness of Wars Against [Bullying, Poverty, etc].

The GCD articles will be released weekly, check back each week for the next installment. Or, better yet, hit the RSS feed and get them sent to your RSS reader. As each of the GCD articles are published, the link list at the top of this article will be activated with the live links. This means that if a link is not active between 1/1/2015 and 3/5/2015, then the article has not yet been published. Patience, please, this is a one woman rodeo. If the link is not active after 3/5/2015, then for the love of all things internet, please leave me a comment about the broken link.

Pax et Poema. 


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