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08 January 2015

Global Conflict Discussion (Part 1): Wars & Disasters Kill People

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Wars and natural disasters work in tandem to destroy and devestate stationary populations. 

 "The world is in conflict." That's what we hear from media, celebrities, politicians, neighbors, friends, and family. The "world" is shorthand for the "peoples of the world." The world is not in conflict. The world is in constant flux. The peoples of the world are in conflicts around the world which is in constant flux. 

In all areas of the world the potential for constant flux has the ability to devastate people regardless of their current state of conflict. You see, natural disasters have never given a shit about war. Natural disasters are devastating signs of worldwide flux specifically when they wipe out inhabited regions. We tend to fret less when uninhabited regions are demolished through natural processes. It's a human thing. (Are we in the wrong for that, too?).

Face it: birth, life, and death are chaotic experiences.

Think of it: exploding stars impregnate galaxies which birth universes like ours "The Universe". Our universe has one star we call "The Sun"; every star in the sky is a sun, but not "The Sun". Every star, including ours, will die...as in explode. The exploded materials shoot into galaxies, like the Milky Way (our galaxy), where new universes are created. From the detrius of our exploded sun, new universes will be born.

From the phoenix rises the phoenix.

Get it?

We are the product of a cosmic trickle down economy where everything is part of an explosive death-life process. It is the ultimate example of "as above, so below." 

Pax et Poema.


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