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15 January 2015

Global Conflict Discussion (Part 2): Disaster & Future Prep

2.) Nature destroying nature isn't "our problem." Between nature destroying us and us destroying us, it seems much wiser to p
rep today, for tomorrow the "Shit Hits The Fan" (SHTF). 

Our problem. Could you imagine a world where "our problem" (a single problem) was even a possibility? Would that we could live in a one problem world. Eheu. We have PROBLEMS, that's capitalized and plural PROBLEMS. We have inherited an ever-changing environment (i.e. Earth) from ancestors who survived by putting their own immediate needs above the needs of unknown, unseen, future peoples (i.e., us). In some cases they did so maliciously, but most were likely just surviving that ever changing environment so that there could be a future - keep that in mind when debating current needs over future potential needs.

By weighing today's and tomorrow's respective needs before making decisions, we place each decision into a now-future context. Once the future arrives, that same decision will be viewed in a past-now context. To afford posterity the opportunity to understand our reasoning for either "throwing them under the bus" or "taking our due so that they wont have to" we have to imagine ourselves in both the now-future and the past-now contexts. In other words, imagine yourself in future-you's shoes.

If, both, future-you and current-you are happy with the future-potential reality, then the decision is weighed. The end result of that weighed decision will ultimately rely on the accuracy of your future-potential envisioning...so, if you're delusional, future-you may not be happy with the reality of past-you's decision. By blindly putting today's needs ahead of future potential needs we readily repeat ancestral mistakes. Consciously weighing options affords the chance to correct past mistakes by not repeating failed past decisions. Our habitual refusal to consciously weigh our options leads us down deadly paths, think of all the "Darwin Award" winners.

I don't laugh at SHTF Preppers: they put forethought into their present, just in case shit happens in their future. SHTF Preppers have stocked pantries and bug-out bags readied with water, food, and shelter for each member of their family. They check their stock/bags with regularity, upgrading, or exchanging goods as needed. For SHTF Preppers, their future-potential needs give direction to their current actions. That kind of forethought is something we all could use more of in our lives. SHTF Preppers, in general, are prepared for natural disasters, man-made disasters (war, etc.), or the zombie apocalypse. As the CDC learned through their Zombie Apocalypse program a dialogue about preparations for one type of disaster is also a dialogue about preparations for other types of disasters. 

There's only so much we can do to prepare for disasters and whether we want to admit it or not, finances play a big role in preparation levels. For instance, the rich can afford fully stocked underground bunkers with high-end systems (ventilation, sewage, water) whereas the working poor (after saving up enough money) can afford a bug-out bag and the supplies to fill it. The extremely poor can afford neither, in fact, everyday is a SHTF kind of day for the extremely poor.

Here's a History Channel "theoretical scenario" of life after a global pandemic: a SHTF Scenario.

Pax et Poema.


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