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29 January 2015

Global Conflict Discussion (Part 4): Trickle Down Hoarders

Trickle-down economics (TDE) evolved from centuries of political, religious, and scientific power-grabbing that hindered real progress by way of controlling the people's education and wages while reserving the largest bits of profitable knowledge for those deciding release dates (kings, robber barons, etc.). Modern TDE cannot long compete with rapid developments made by today's backyard scientists who have access to the internet and a healthy desire to experiment. 

The Information Age arrived years ago and with it came P2P sharing and open sourcing. Instant knowledge and tools in the hands of the people (with internet access) effectively enabled internet-connected classes to learn whatever they choose, if they so choose. Unfettered free access learning effects backyard scientists by allowing every interested mind the opportunity to puzzle out the greatest quandaries of science. Think of the progress NASA has made with citizen scientists helping to crunch astronomical data.

The internet has also enabled nearly instant intercontinental communications whereby any two can work together irrespective of the distances between them. It turns out, we choose to share the silly and arbitrary as well as the serious and academic with our international internet peers. Through the 'net, we've also learned the sad truth of the worldwide phenomena of devastating affairs: the elite rarely trickle-down anything that doesn't involve a tangible (and significant) return on investment (ROI)

Trickle down has always been economic warfare against the impoverished masses. As we've seen dictators hoard food and financial aid while their malnourished people die of disease and starvation; governments murder their own citizens in the name of religion, science, injustice, security; corporations pay upper management ridiculous sums and pay workers a pittance then leach off taxpayers all while stuffing away billions; industrial waterworks destroy their own workers' drinking water; protesters barricade city streets where once tires, now fires. All the destruction, the loss of life makes us angry. Very angry. The righteous anger of our betrayal seethes under our collective skins. And, what do we do? Not a fucking thing, unless its a violent fucking thing.

I'm not naive. It comes down to violence because people are willing to defend themselves against attackers; they're willing to attack others over resources, posturing, or perceived insults; they're willing to provoke another into violent action; they're willing to stage atrocities to blame the "evil" other; and, they're willing to kill for X (money, power, religion, politics, love, hate). So, how do we balance the scales of wealth equality? 

Some say, "force redistribution of wealth" while those with wealth hire bodyguards who scream, "just try it." Some say, "legislate the wealthy" meanwhile wealthy legislators vote "aye" for their own pay raises. Some say, "the markets will right themselves" all the while governments around the world tinker with the markets to maintain the status quo of rising inflation.

I don't care what some say: forced redistribution results in wealth fleeing the country; wealthy legislators have proven incapable of legislating themselves; it is impossible to know if a market will right itself as all markets have been tampered with by the governments that acknowledge them. 

Here's a really simple truth: a company or person worth millions is a professional hoarder, those worth billions are master hoarders. The severity of their hoarding proves the unequal distributions of profits; if employees were paid more, profits would go down and the hoard would shrink. When the goal is to hoard profits, sharing is antithetical

Pax et Poema.

O' Dracones, ubi sunt thesauri tui?

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