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19 February 2015

Global Conflict Discussion (Part 7): Greedy Kids Equal Greedy Adults

Although children lack the sophisticated language required to communicate on par with jargonistic scientists, kids can regularly be observed carrying out the scientific process with each new thing they discover. Think of the school yard where children discover the attractive properties of magnets by rubbing them in dirt to pick up iron slivers, before proceeding to run around the playground showing the other kids. They show others because they have discovered something and they want to share, they want others to discover with them. The joy of sharing knowledge, making discoveries, is the great reward that tends to benefit humankind both at the time and over time. 

Some people are adverse to human progress through sharing. Ever notice how there's always one kid that will not share the magnet. One kid that gathers the tiny slivers aside ever increasing the size of their own iron holdings, all the while never letting other kids use the magnet. Greedy little fuck. What happens when it is time to go inside? The little greedster kicks the iron pile to the wind and pockets the magnet. How is it that everyone seems to forget greedy little kids grow into greedy adults?

Pax et Poema, 


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