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This website is dedicated to LGBT folks who are surviving in this crazy world.

What's good for one isn't necessarily good for another.

Attempting to control the hearts and souls of the masses through force and injustice only forces the seeds of dissension to grow. History has taught this lesson repeatedly. Perhaps, we'll learn the lesson this time.

WTF? The Point

The Finley Experience blog contains periodic updates and links to Monique Finley's latest internet publications. Her current musings as well as links to her most recently published works, which appear regularly, though never on a time table. Check back as often as you like to see what Monique has been up to!

Topics range from rantings about daily life afflictions to photography to LGBT politics.

Ms. Finley is an award winning poet and blogger. She writes short fiction, articles, fact sheets, how-to articles, poetry, and research essays. She attended Centenary College of Louisiana where she recently graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English and a concentration in Latin.

Monique Finley is a writer/activist determined to use her voice to improve the lives of oppressed LGBT people the world over. She encourages all people, who are concerned with maintaining or obtaining civil liberties, to angrily raise their voices in protest of every civil right they see violated. Do not remain quiet when wrong occurs, speak loudly, say, "Enough Already!" If atrocity can happen to one group, then it can happen to all groups. Through unity and courage, peace.

Space exploration is the answer to unifying humanity and solving many of the poverty problems. We need to raise our young to be explorers, to be curious, and to be willing to take calculated risks which means they must also be taught logic. There is great hope for our world, for our peoples, but we have to act now. We have to step up, stand up, and speak up. We have to dream now and to act now for these are the very days that we will turn from dreams to realities.

Some Nights by FUN

(*Please Note: We the People of the United States of America are citizens of a Constitutional Republic, a.k.a. The Republic. We are not a direct democracy like some believe. By the Constitution, we are a Representative Democracy. We elect representation to defend the Constitution and the People. We placed our faith with government in the people, not in monarchs, not in career politicians, but in the People.

You want changes? Then, it is time for you to take an active interest in the good of the Republic. Do not leave governance to career politicians. Run for office. Vote for third, fourth, and fifth parties.)

This November vote them all out!
Clean Out Congress or Bust!

Take Me to Church by Hozier

* 26 JUNE 2015 * LGBT Rights Victory *
read the Supreme Court's opinion:


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