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The Finley Experience is under construction and will return shortly!

Check out these awesome projects, while we remodel.

Collection of poems written over the last 25 years. Many more poems will be added to the site as time permits. This is one of Finley's Projects Over Time.

Official website of the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Series, a post apocalyptic, science fiction, fantasy AND augmented reality portal that opens various doors into the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Realm.

Official website of Zeemz: The Versipisces Secret, an augmented reality, blockchain game that will provide players with a way to play, earn, and learn real world skills in-game.

With Pandemic Patch, we're putting our gaming skills to the challenge of fighting Coronavirus. In Pandemic Patch, verified frontline physicians are teaming up with patients to use data to defeat CoVID-19.

Do you have pirate skills? Wanna help us build an open source hospital, arghem, game? Click here to see our Pitch Deck!

DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

RESQ-DAO is a glocal climate action & animal charity group dedicated to rethinking the supply chain. We take human trash and turn it into animal housing treasure. We also food receive donations from local market vendors and process them into viable animal feed.

Crypto Faucets

When you use these links, you help support development of the FinleyEXP, The Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons Series, Zeemz, and RESQ. This is a WIN-WIN: we both receive crypto!

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